Crowds at home rejoice in song
Angels pluck their harps in joy
Trumpets sound to call for Peace
And Warriors fall apart.

Long and tragic battle leaves it’s mark
And questions deter the warrior heart
Never as they were in the beginning
Now they must discover who they are again.

We had come out of that great test
Just two among the many
Youthful happiness filled us
As we began the journey back home.

But burned out lands
And washed away shores
And bodies everywhere
Gave pause to our glee
Never imagining
The Great General Dragon
Had survived.

Chased through valleys of bone
And rivers of blood
With mud and rock to sleep upon
Starved and naked and torn apart
By the heat of the fury
Our Enemy

Wrathful spite and spit threw down
And harrowing winds from flapping wings
The anger raged unceasingly
To turn us from our hallowed flee.

How deep into his darkened land
We hadn’t known we went
Returning home was LONG away
Hand in hand we endured our lament.

What cunning is that Dragon Old
Make wander 40 years
Desolation lay as far and wide
As anything we could ever see.
I remember now that great wisdom
My Father told to me
“Even when the war is over
That evil land one must still flee.”

We wander not without the map
That shines still to the way
The borders of another place
Is practiced in our hearts each day.

No matter how far from us the former glory
This thread of life is still
He broke our minds and even more
He hid the link to our own will

Yet Home is ever where we go
Hunted by the living dead
They rage and scream in everything
Because their fate is sealed upon their head.


Yea we have endured more in coming home
Than we did in fighting the war.
But I can hear the Faint sounds of our Kingdom
And I begin to smell the sweet fruits in the air
And perhaps the citizens will open wide the gates
When they see our final approach?

It is You and it is I together
We will climb the Holy Hill
We will walk the Sacred Grasses
We will bathe in the Waters of Life
And we will enter the gates
Holding hands, arm in arm.

I have not forgotten why we were sent
And I am ever grateful we have survived together.
Though we have walked through the valley’s of death
And we did fear great evil
We have endured and continued
And crossed over every mountain set to block our way.

Ryan o0o


Copyright © 2013
Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved