As the mind does deny
the spirit recalls

Though not a soul of defiant bliss
marked tare by tear inside a kiss
spoiled always then within this patterned soil
what say the darkness of their coil?

Will I bend the flesh upon you?
Lo your efforts they are vain
and your desire is of futility
as none other than God
and no other than God

For fold and foul traverses earth
while skin and bones live low
Yet man himself is not so
without his own consent of ignorance

Listen not to the blabbering of fear
set to snare the self righteous
Seeking not to free or solve
but glisten always to hardened hearts
Seeking not to inform or enlighten
but enslave into the crowd of darkness
until such time as it is fulfilled

As that which we boast
does shrivel
and that which we pride
does fall
and that which we proclaim
reveals lies
and that which we profess
directs insanity
and that which we believe
will end
for it is human

As forever does the Spirit live
requiring none to boast
And Eternal Spirit which is secure
requiring none to speak in pride
And Everlasting Spirit which speaks
requiring no deceptive trigger
and Original Spirit which enlightens
Requiring no fear to confirm
For it is Alive

Mark the words of they who seek
for in them is the question
also the answer

Ryan o0o