That we are of our own conspiracy
laced within one another
speak not the words
we all know

As it is that the shouters of peace
could dare be the champions of war
or that the fallen from grace
are of the vessels of heavens peace
none have forgot

Since we know it is the young we send to battle
as the old can no longer deny their secret truth
nor are they able to harbor courage any longer
slithering away from their works
as though they had not existed

Light the fire oh Burning Man
of your greedy self worth
fostering the wolves of war
that thou may hold a coin
of another man’s pay

Blacken the skies of denial
drench us all in the lies of our truthful deception
when shall it be known to all
they stand upon a hill of ants
conquering nothing?

Oh that they must know by now
The legends of old grow around them
Ancient men who command the very stars
Ancient men who weigh the heart and challenge the spirit
Ancient men who know the visions of little kings

Do you see the circling clouds?
It must be known by now
even to your very bones
that they who are the unknown drifters
are they who haunt the dead as they live

See it in the very blood before the veins of science
See it in the very works before the thoughts of men
See it in the very thrust of the earths devoted revelation
See it in the very sheets between the firmaments
See it in the open will unconquerable in its glare

Who can stand against the Ancients Reborn
when the earth itself defends
and the sky cause rain at their command
and the great fire devours the weapons of men
and even the mighty darkness cannot speak?

Who can stop the sound that travels faster than light?

What foolishness is it
to think death is power
and destruction is gain
and war is liberation
and deception is control
and chains are peace!

Yet they who believe themselves mighty upon the earth
believe such
And they who are devoted to them
believe likewise
See them turn away from the truth
that all these things are utter powerlessness and an end.

It then again shall be the time
where the souls of the origins
shall visit the souls of men
illuminating their stage
revealing their distance from honor

It then again shall be the time
where the depths of the earth will rise
giving up her dead
that the sky does fall upon unholy places
to be cleansed

Point a finger to any place
east or west or into the earth or out to the heavens
for there will be not one spot in all the worlds of worlds
quiet in revealing the powerlessness of men
nor shall their be any question anymore
as to the wisdom of the lowly

when Power does make it self known again
when Power does reveal Life
when Power decides to speak again
in that ancient sound of all tongues
splitting the walls of dimension
waking all memories forgot
making all to confess their enemy
who also threw the young in spirit, to war

When Power does Light the Sky

Ryan o0o


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