Who was it
That sat upon the barn rooftop
Watching lights dance in the fields
When doppelgangers appeared?

What was it
You said
Digging into the sandbox
Seeking water?

Why was it
That you learned to hold hands
From the trees
Empowered by the wind?

Where was it
Along the rows
You buried that figurine
Hoping it would take your pain?

When was it
You realized
All these actions you did before
Many ages ago?

For I can tell you that nothing of your isolated moments
Were very far from my eyes
Or distant from my heart

How can it be explained
That the patterns of former lives
Relived their days
In the actions of a child?

See how they replay.

Was it not I who rode the mountain top
When the legions marched with torches light
As messengers came with false news?

Did you not speak
To the beaches night
Wailing sorrow of your lost King?

How soft was our touch
Ever slowly caressing fingers
In the meadow fields of grasses blowing?

Was it not from plagues loss
Found left few
And our bond was then free?

Remember even then long ago
You knew you had walked that path
Former to then, with me?

Shall we see another sight?

When the fires raged from deep in the earth
Spewing molten rock into the sky
We smiled at life though the destroyer did mimic

When the waters fell to the earth
And filled the cracks
You said your flowing grace touched my ground.

Remember then the tall growing things
By your design sharing all
Requiring one another in kinship?

Look to the seed then formed
Placed in the earth
That death may be born again anew.

When was it you realized
That you would take these actions
All the days of every life You lived?

Then it is that it is known
These are portions
Of what motions we take
Of thoughts we think
Of feelings we express
Of desires we seek to fulfill

I faintly grasp at spirits everlasting
Opening up to the beauty
Of the design
And the proper sense of why it is revealed

Ryan o0o


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+Ryan-Ranney – +Ranney-Studios
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