Not with idle hands
was this formed
that we would know
our tender love

How else could it be
that all prayers find their way
into one answer

I feel the history
that cannot be felt in any other manner

Embers kiss the gate of my awakening
locked away from the spectacle of reality
found on the smiling face
of the enemies salesmanship

How we did dare

Who in the end walks the distance
where force meets will?
Who in the end recieves
without finding their foot on sacred ground?

Every layer of my heart dwells with you

As the riddle did evolve
so to did our need of one another
As the darkness did consume
so to did our vision in the night

Truly the light of the world
is the darkness of the heavens
for the folly of man cannot witness
the folly of itself
nor can the measure of man
speak to the portion of itself

But for this moment
we are in everlasting light
not only of the earth
not only of the sky or the water
but even to every living thing
dancing on the edge of time

In truth we all did know
where our hearts belonged
no matter the whip put to our flesh
or the command set upon our spirit
not even to the desire of mankind

It is as a restlessness in all
they cannot reconsile their duty
from their unseen love
waiting as a patient prisoner

No matter the damage that was done
ours eyes did see
each other
through it all

As was deep in my secret prayer
are you still before me now
that woman who called the wind
to take her home

Though man makes a silly costume
even to the nature of our emotions
even to the patterns of our thought
even to the ways in which life continues
had we not forgot

All words are a testimony
that they may go into the book of life
or into the fire of nothingness
depends upon the truth of the heart

And there we found
the unspoken truth
where words are of an alien tongue
and life is of a new idea
and eternity is of a new perspective
Where faith made itself manifest

The beginning to the end
is but a day
in this place we found ourselves now

Former things are not forgotten
Nor shall we wish upon the latter
it is our journey
time and time again

Where eternity met us
that we may be one

Ryan o0o


Written while listening to “Who Wants to Live Forever” by Queen – on the movie soundtrack of “Highlander”

Copyright © 2016
Ryan RanneyRanney-Studios

Image provided by the Artist and Author Colleen Ranney
All Rights Reserved