4 Sentences
of My Affection
in Gravitas.

The fragrance of my enjoyment
is spread evenly on the ocean
of our wandering by
the will alone where
it moves slowly, ever slowly
for the purpose of this
one dance, one sensation
one ecstasy through our thirsty
consciousness as we have dared
to create infinity within
a golden frame hung
by a silver cord of that
which I have always
loved to know eternally
embodied by the
greatest desire of ours.

We were not created for love
knowing by love we are already that
which by the defining of love
is solely undo examination alone
particular to the idea that
there may be no love which we are!

Therefore I shall not linger forever
on the ponderings of man who has
forgotten our great purpose as if
knowing instead that our
will brings forth
outstretched arms and
sacred passions into
the den of our creation
Given to us, by Us
for the Heavenly
joys of this eventuality
known as mankind
which we ourselves
have fashioned as a means
to experience many paths
afforded to our everlasting

We are Creation’s Bliss.

Ryan o0o


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Ryan-Ranney – Ranney-Studios
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