The Privacy of Lovers today travels blindly through uncharted territories. Never before in history have the actions of lovers been more public. We have public displays of celebrity relationships smattered everywhere in every form of gossip. Intimate lives of average everyday people can be watched on the Internet with no holding back of every visual detail. I would wager that almost everyone on earth knows someone who believes that they have “the right” to know the intimate and sexual practices of their fellow neighbors and society. It of course doesn’t stop there. Governments continue to create laws deciding who can marry. We still have laws deciding what the “Community Standards” are for intimate acts both of unmarried and married people. Religions join us in bed also, choosing for their worshippers, in exacting detail, what is condemned and what is approved by their idea of God. Those outside the religion, or the local government or the community standards are viewed and prejudged as wrong, sick, perverted or otherwise unclean. The subject of sex and sexual practices will, without doubt, never cease to be a hot topic and a huge seller of anything you desire to know, learn or otherwise opinionate ourselves to.

And ALL of this while almost no one was actually invited to the “party” except the lovers themselves.

You want to know when it is my business to know about your personal intimate life?
If and When your behavior is harming another human being or child.
Or if YOU choose to share it openly.

Nothing in our lives will ever be more personal to us and more initially private than our intimate desires, secrets, hopes, wants, needs etc. This is true also of people who have no desire at all for relationships. The fact that we outsiders, to a couple of Lovers, would ever imagine that our opinions of their relationship has merit, is simply some of the most ignorant insanity upon this earth. How do I come to formulate THAT opinion?
Simple Again…
Because there is simply no one who could ever understand the nature of my intimate life without participating in it. Likewise I could never understand the nature of an others.

And then as always, a poem

As I follow the lines of your eyes
Knowing that upon this earth
None other has witnessed such gravity
Of thoughts without expression
Feelings without word
Experiences without appearance…

And as I hear the blood flowing through your heart
Knowing that upon this earth
It has never created that rhythm before
Etching out its own mysteries
Without the limits of time
Caressing the distances of space

It is then that I find myself
Without borders and boundaries
Without fear or worry or care
Without sin or judgment or weakness
Because I have become more than myself
More than this form
More than this logic
More than this soul and experience or wisdom
I have become US

What else has such greatness between two
That no eye can perceive it?
No ear can hear and comprehend?
No thought can explain it?
No right through any means can another invade
And know.

For it is that Your beauty is hidden to All the world

Yet they stare and harbor such lusts
They know nothing of the treasure we carry within
Yet they dream and desire
They know nothing of the unbroken heavens revelation
Yet they talk and mimic and want
They know nothing of the gift of love
Found in the power between fingertips

Yes these lovers on earth
Can manifest entire worlds in a glance
Destroy entire concepts from the face of the earth
Simply with a will to embrace.

Nothing is truly charted in the journey of lovers
Even in the face of every book
It is mysteriously veiled
Unless two do explore
That which has never been spoken of

In all history it is unlisted
In every book of lovers
In every movie of lovers
In every song of lovers
In every word of lovers
It is categorically unwitnessed
It cannot be stolen, explained, mapped out nor devised
Therefore it cannot be mimicked

Because none can know the Name of God
And speak it.

To truly know a lover is to abandon ones-self to love
To surrender to love wholly and without reservation
To forget entirely everything everyone has ever said
Or ever created in the name of Intimate love
Even my own words!
As their journey cannot be seen
Even in their great works
And our journey is ours alone with our Lover
Unknown to all
Unlike all
Yet shared as joy as it is of all

Lovers are private
No matter how hard others try to sneak in
No matter how hard they themselves try to display
Because real lovers already know that truth

It was established long ago
As our great blessing
Equal and available always
To Anyone upon the earth

The path to the Heavens Revelation is created through every experience in my life; Good and Bad. The will to establish a link from this world to every unknown world requires the deepest devotion of lovers. It is sacred beyond sacred and proven so by the unimaginable and inexpressible result. The journey into intimate unity is not only the foundation of earthly civilization, it is also bestowed as the example of the Love that Life itself had for us throughout all of the Universe.

Formed so
For us
To discover why

Ryan o0o


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