I was a stranger to your bed
you had welcomed me to
I was a foreigner to your world
you had opened up to me.

In that last stab at life
to dance with trust
to reveal yourself
to make our souls collide
you did rest your faith in us.

What was it that directed our feet
to one another
that we did not know in those first hours?

What was it that paused our union
to face a new life
that we did not wish to wait for in truth?

In this day to that
do I remember our first embrace
knowing our spirits had met again
knowing our hearts had risen again
to our life.

Do I stand in the stain of my former will?
Or walk with the stance of my former manner?
That which was is there
but where had it gone in our hour of need
When you opened yourself to me?

For then did I find not this past of mine
nor was there any memory of it
but that of another time and place
with you.

Before, After, and Now.
All in the bliss of your welcoming smile
and merciful touch
and open faith with me.

Truly we had found what we lost
not in this life
yet that of life after life before life.

Truly we touched what we had dreamed
not in splendorous rampage
nor in the wiles of the faulty flesh.

In the midst
In the manner of our origins
In the ancient ways
did we embrace our everlasting joy
and proclaimed it as ours.

before the rising and setting of the sun
have the ravens of darkness
not knowing their masters will
as a blanket of comfort
have they sheilded us from themselves
in their wandering.

And all that we must remember
this time
is our first embrace
when you welcomed a stranger
who you found to be your very self
when you embrace a foreigner
who you found to be your lost love
when you leaped with faith
and landing in the soft comforts
of our joined heart.

This we shall not forget in the land
This we shall not forget in darkness or light
This we shall not forget
As I will never forget your greatest moment of faith
nor shall I abandon your works
nor shall I deny your sacrifices before our time.
This time.

As one we have been always
as it is revealed again
by our commemoration
of these our sacred truths.

Ryan o0o



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