The course of the viper
nay straight
tho the victim lay before

To the left
she approaches
to the right
she advances
they her blind eyes
are set ahead

In darkness
she does sense our light
upon the ground
into the heavens

How it is we can question the existence of a thing
without wonder of how we know to ask?

Do we know the viper
before she strikes?
Or in hiding does she stalk?

What man can say to another
the viper is a lie?

What man has walked all the days of our earth?
Where does he speak?
Show me the wisdom
of the thousands, the hundred thousands
the millions

There will I listen to what is and what is not

As it is in my own ignorance
can I fathom such great darkness
and such great light
that surely they who are wise
know of that which I cannot contain

And knowing I do not know
has the viper still been considered
And knowing I do not know
has the darkness been accessible
And knowing I do not know
Has the light of greatness shown itself
to the blind

Yet when the mighty and the weak
the brave and the coward
the wise and the foolish
the humble and the lost
all do wonder
does my soul want to believe

In absence of eternal knowledge
is my ear set upon the storm
that the grass may bend
to the hidden viper near

As when all gaze upon their lot
divining another tool to escape
have they overlooked the guardian
of venom

For it is that when venom speaks
it burns our emotions
it stings our rage
it kills our countenance
that we may be poisoned unaware
believing it is our want

Who can say it is a lie
when all men have felt her strike?
Who shall listen
when all have heard her curse mankind?

Ryan o0o

Copyright © 2017
+Ryan-Ranney – +Ranney-Studios

Image provided by Pixabay
All Rights Reserved

Written while listening to “Badlands.”