Where is my life that it should not be found?
Is it not from the very most High?
Is it not still here within He who stands ready?

Yet all the days of all the days before found none who knew Life.
Better to withhold the waters, make barren the seed
then to cast them before swine who thirst for lawlessness!

They who mix spoiled fruit with the greatness of life
yet know not the difference
know not us.

My life given to me is an eternal one
without end
without a measure of the deep.
These wells spring forth always
because of the prowess of the Creator.

And from there has this life in me been given
and from me is given another life!

It is to She who drinks of the living Waters
knowing life from death
discerning meat from eternity
finding everlasting peace in her gifts
shared between God and Man to Woman.

How long has this been forgotten
and viewed as a secret?
How many deities will tout themselves
as the Everlasting One?
Claiming power from powerlessness
without the power of that One who created them?

And here in Simple man is this LIFE!
Not to be given lightly to thieving harlots
or scheming possession mongers
or ravenous competitors of other women!

And now even men do not know their way
falling foot over head to impress she
who would seek to get everything from him
BUT his very abundant eternal life.
And this his LIFE he so desires to share
and knows not what it is in his own hands!

How long shall all that is false
turn away our face from the beginning?

Can you not hear her call?

If Life in me can be seen
Then life has always been eternal…
From where else could it come?
From when can it be unknown but still be?
ONLY in the mind of the deceived!

SO wait, seek, be in good faith
for there is One who seeks Life from you.
There is one who finds the living waters in us
from the spring of life given to us
by the ONE who is all Life everlasting.

Know in your hearts that you are Men
below no other man
below no other creature
below nothing because your spirit
is the very breath of Life.

We are brothers who find our path.

What greater joy in life has there been but the art of Love?
What greater discovery or mastery is there but the desire within your soul?
What greater poems, or songs or creations
have ever made portrait anything more then our longing for union?

In closeness with Life,
is greater life in me for she who seeks
to share in the Life that
she too desires to be close to.

Without this acceptance
we are but bending reeds in the wind.

Without this humility
we are but lost boys seeking a mother to guide us.

I have sought SHE who is from my very body and spirit
for THIS very thing is the oldest knowledge within me.
What else have I known ALL the days of my life?
I say in truth nothing…
But that the talents given to me are to be shared
not in commanding presence
but in Bliss
in Embrace
in Love
in Release of that which we both desire…

So long as this is remembered,
each and every one knows their truth.

My love is a reflection of the Love of God.
My love of her even from the very beginning
is a reflection of God’s love in me;
That which God shared with me
so that I may likewise share with her.

AS she also in turn creates LIFE!

This is our Family.

Ryan o0o


Copyright © 2013
Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved