She is the Morning Star who gazes last upon the opening day of my awakening. When all others have faded and fallen to the light, she shines still evermore into me. I see her distant radiance, and draw myself near to it’s loving truth.

It is a source of trust and of promise. It is a source of new beginnings and of ancient convenance. Nothing stands in the way of the single light within my eyes. Her twinkle adorns my darkness, and the strength of her light pierces through mine still.

Revelations have encompassed her, and the purpose of her creation becomes clearer more. Though stumbling her toe, she is directed to the path of her life. Though breaking the gifted ring from a child, she is expressed the truth that she shall not be blinded again. The quarrel of the first event is not the answer of it all, and the moments of the first answer is just the path to the real togetherness.

This is my gift, to expand the knowledge of family to the next dimension of experience. To bring about the open eye, and the sturdy foot in ordinance to the new reality. Our parting is only through the phase of transition to the next.

And she, who graces my life is given life. For in my heart is the balance of that which cannot be calculated or adjusted by another force. The truth is not negotiable to any other form of energy or conception of thought. In this I gaze at her Star in infinite wonder of the next moment given. Her desire to share with me the discoveries of her day are unlike any conceivable event. The ripples of her actions, her intent, and her heart spread out into the world with quiet care.

In this I see her finger touch the water, and move outward into an eventual giant wave. Those around are moved by unforeseen forces of justice, truth, and innocent will. Their spirits and hearts and even bodies are effected by the original pattern of love she possesses.

And who by design awakens again to the outpour of her constant perpetual desire but I ?

For reasons of example it falls upon me to witness my own life in her so that her choice of love may be recognized throughout the entire world. Dare I say blessings to myself ? When inset this cornerstone is nothing above the truth of life itself. If I say for humility sake these things are not so, I have fallen into untruth and so therefore out of humility. If then it is proclaimed, the hardened hearts cry out at the arrogance they project into it.

So therefor I will not relent in my love affair for this woman who has openly received my life. For in her wether from sorrow or from gain she harnesses the power of the universe and chooses to seek Justice and Peace and Love for ALL that is before her. Instead of self adornment, she seeks to adorn others in the radiance of her own light.

The face of rejection and rebuke and cruel judgement has not stopped her cause for the equality of the human spirit.

Of what she has had, she had given. Of what was left was stolen from her. None of which went unnoticed. For where 12 stand, 4 have fallen, even a fifth has been removed. In 7 there is the hope of what is desired. Yet this knowledge she has always known.

My words are but a crooked measuring stick laying across the pattern of her life. But what is spoken creates, and what is withheld suffers the void.

Blessed are the givers of soft words, and of honest desire. Blessed are the creators of hope and of peace for you. Blessed are the seekers of love for your life, for they shall be given life without end.

To her my spirit is unfaltering. The eye sees what it sees, the ear hears what it hears and the the heart becomes soft or hard according to the works of the mind and senses. It is within the spirit that there is truth discerned from the false. It is within spirit that all other portions may grow towards freedom.

I love her spirit that shines in the everlasting skies of my heart. Unto generations there will be her light and the ripples of her love for all.

As a man honors the love of a woman, so does he also honor his Father.

Ryan o0o


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