Did you see the fire
when it sparked
When ashes and burnt offerings
began to glow
another ember?

Did you see the corner
where destiny turned
with voices speaking softly
of what was to come?
“It is OK now”

Did you see the path
where the fragrance walked away
lost in a world
of former sorrows
speak “You’re going the wrong way”?

Did you see the tears
where elders wished to claim
what was yours
with cries of this truth
no longer a blissful denial of theirs?

Did you see the man
who opened the sanctuary
and offered the keys
and spoke of the journey’s end
with rest now before us?

Did you see the door
of that humble abode
built of wood, heavy, secure
with quietness inside
beckon us our entry?

Did you see then the fires of your heart
engulf the world
destroyed away from our eyes
consumed now by the
truth of our reality?

Did you see the stars
inside the nine hours of our immortality
coiled in one ascensions mystery
where angels sang our song
with ancient musics moan?

CRY OUT in the arms of this
REACH OUT for that space between
DRINK NOW the former tears of sorrow
as the new wine of your eternal blessing.
Release what is human unto the Divine.

Did you see the fire
when it split the sky
exposing the walls of man
to be limitless imaginings
set within the beholder?

Man who so easily feels it burn in them
stoking those coals evermore alone
wishing to unleash upon the wind
missing the very point of it all
in his quest of willful desire.

This time

I saw the Fire inside another
dancing around your naked flesh
with smiles and laughter and freedoms howl
the essence of a new existence
inspired with remembered love

Did you see the fire
built on top of ashes burned
restoring warmth
resurrecting life from death
turning two of foreign birth to one?

I saw the fire
beginning long ago
even before then, my love
when courage entered into me
and “me” awakened you.

But this day!
This day was holy
face to face
where fire kindled fire
and Love embraced Love.

Did you see the fire that did not burn
when all our earthly labors
vanished away
replaced with our true home
inside the embers of our everlasting?

Ryan o0o


Painting “Waterfall” ©2009 by Colleen Ranney

Copyright © 2013 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
+Ryan-Ranney – +Ranney-Studios
All Rights Reserved