Where is the past
that it shall not become the future?

To set oneself upon another path
requires the consideration of Heaven and Hell

What do we do alone
that those we cannot see
are not witness to?

As time itself is a spirit
aligned with man
that we may recall our steps
of former things

As you know already
who you are is not who you were
yet you are the same
within a stranger you believed

Many will say you have the power within to change yourself
yet we have not

Many will say you have the choice to do as you dream
yet we have not

Many will say you have the right to be as you will
yet we have not

Many will say you are all you need to be free
yet we are not free

In the halls of preserved time
are the scrolls of our nightmares
beyond our imagining
do we find our origins

In the records of mankind
are the scrolls of our hell
devised by our own blood
preserved for this day

Never before have we witnessed the gulf so apart
that men as beasts return to the fire
and men as priests return to the gold
even more to the worship of others possessions
while little men hold what they will not share
believing they are great

Tell me where to find a truth
when one may prove with fact their ideal
and another likewise proves the opposite with fact
do we not see the lie in the question itself?

Is there no better reality of light
than witnessing the inevitable untruth?

Even while the words of warning
have presented themselves to us all
do we not heed our own eyes perception
that we may embattle another

Ever still it changes nothing.

To set oneself upon another path
requires the consideration of Heaven and Hell

What can be taken away is not ours
not even our limbs
our breath
our life
nor any other thing upon the earth

All of it perishes
as our former steps
we thought was us
unseen in our mirror today

What is ours has been ours
is ours
and will always be ours

It is all we really are

As all that is not ours
is for another to Rule
and to dictate
even the length of our days

And as we squabble over all that is not ours
have we forgotten to seek what is
nor have we known our selves
in a world that has never revealed itself
to itself

Why become what you think you should be
when you have not even known who you are?
Why become what they think you should be
when they do not even know who they are?

Why become what the world is
when the world is dreamed in darkness?

Why believe what those in darkness believe
who lie and steal and smile
in order to covet what was given to you
by another?

That they may have your money
that they may have your possessions
that they may have your body
that they may have what they think you are
that you may lose what you think is yours

Who we are
What we are
What is ours
can not ever be taken from us

It is not that I am of Light like the self-righteous do proclaim
nor is it that I am of Darkness like the self-deluded do proclaim
but that I am a Creator and a Destroyer
and all things put forth from my life
are witnessed by time to recall those steps
that shall return again

As they who are not of themselves
are also not of my lineage
so too are there few who ever have the choice
to be one or the other
at their own appointed time


Ryan o0o


Copyright © 2017
+Ryan-Ranney – +Ranney-Studios

Image provided by Pixabay
All Rights Reserved

Written while listening to “Thanksgiving” by George Winston¬†on the album “December”