I am lost in a Kiss
Beyond the stellar curtain
Before the formation of the waters
Beneath the protected earth.

Feeling what was once mine
Touching me by the love of another.

I have entered a prism of light
Where bliss shines out in every direction
As though all of my secret desires
Reflect back to me
Revealing themselves
As if to say
“I am yours to be known and felt”

The promise of this Kiss
Restores the old forgotten creation
Where the intent of love began
In the hearts of the playful
When naked passion was still a gift
And not a story of the fallen deceived.

To touch those lips upon my skin
Erases all generations of shame
Bringing forth life and mercy and grace.

In every tender stroke
I am again returned to God
As a beautiful man
Perfected by the proof
Of your impassioned gift of love.

Finding this most powerful place
Secrets of the universe are given to me
Riddles of the mind are revealed
Patterns of history are exposed
And everything opens itself to me
Just by the bliss
Of your kiss
Upon my flesh.

I worship the God of Life
Who had devised such beauty
And inarguable truth
And given me this eternal moment
Experienced in the breath of your kiss
On earth.

Whereas I return with greater understanding and knowledge
To this place inbetween your love’s soft kiss
Astounded by the revelations of the heart
And mind
And soul
Delivered unto me.

Truly the flesh is weak
Since it cannot exist perpetually
In the heaven of your desired expression
As we return to the world of men

But alas it is as the tide returning to the sea
Only to restore and come again.

And it is that my shores
Welcome the return of your waves
That has brought me to closer
To the nature of God
Than any other gift upon the earth.

Then there it is again
Another kiss
Another tenderness
Another truth
Because your love is pure and honest.

And I am again propelled into the secrets of life
Feeling every possible pleasure
That you have in eternal abundance
Offered to me
So that we may once again
Share the Great Reality
Hitherto unknown
…Of all Creation.

I am lost into the Purpose of Life
And found there where we are meant to dwell
Just by the
Truth of your Kiss.

Ryan o0o


Copyright © 2013
Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved