I have been everywhere with you
At the formation of the earth itself
The rising of the mountains
The blossoming of the fields
The flowing of the beautiful sky.

We raised our eyes to the heavens
And lowered our bodies onto the ground
We dreamed of those days
Until those days did come.

We dared to gift each other with sovereign prominence
And to seek forgotten lands
Deep within the secret places.

For once in the life of this soul
Did I see the whole universe in your eyes
And the meaning to God’s purpose
In your will.

Your smile has the power to wake me from the dead
As our touch builds worlds
And our love creates civilizations
Outside the grasp of dark paradise.

Yet too our foot does stand
In the fires of our enemies camp
Cursing the very name of love
Devouring the very idea of life.

And as all days from any before
And any after
Do I know and feel the power
Of the quickening
Striking at the flesh
Of universal energies
And histories ripples
Pouring through me.

Knowing that the mind cannot fathom
Nor can the flesh withstand
Nor can the spirit guide away
Nor can the heart live unbroken
Do we yet revere that place of peace
In unrelenting protection
Of our gift to one another.

As I forgot not even before my eyes were opened
And I will not forget into the future
Neither do I forget anything even now
Of the days when I stood as a god to you
And you as the reason for life itself.

It has been that simple candle of truth
That I have shrouded deep within the stare of my eyes.

For we have felt the cold winds that blow against all lovers
And we have heard their endless demands
And we have carried the cross upon the hill
Of all those who dwell in shadows
Unseen by light
Where mortals have stepped aside before their time.

And as my promise made
Is truly the only truth I have ever spoken
Do I even now set my eyes
To every living blessing we have ever beheld
And every instance we have found
One another.

In knowing no other death
Than the life of darkened life
And no other whip
Than the forced servitude to it
Still am I in awe of my inward secret
Where you live in my heart
As the flame of light.

How can I know a thing of any greater beauty?
For you are the only light
Showing me everything beautiful
Because of your light.

Being that before your touch
I had not seen beauty ever
And awakening to your love
Did find the world around me
That cannot be seen without love.

It is not a fight within me against the world
When the quickening does come
But the crying out of pain
Given by the lashing of dark beasts
As I stand my ground
To protect your light in me.

Turning this way and that
Turning my back
Turning away
That they may never steal
The only truth I have ever known.

As we knew from the start
That our journey began in the beginning
And as our journey will never end
It is these times when we find
A world in greater darkness.

And as the time of the waters did prepare us
And as the time of the fields did prepare us
And as the time of the painted skin did prepare us
And as the time of the fortified monuments
Where I laid my sword into the ground in honor of you.

So to have they been always with us today
That we would survive the darkness of the soul.

You hid that book into the chapel grounds
Where the secret to eternal life was written
And you hid the cloth of intent
Into the walls of the castle that I may protect it
And you stood with me in the waters
As we took the truth of creation with us.

These events stand in evidence of your success
Granted to you today
Of all the unknown history you saved
Of all the love we have shared
Throughout time.

It has not been for the vanity of dreaming
That we would seek love always
But for the glorification of the Universe of life
That time forgot.

I have been everywhere with you
This we know as the only true reality
Set apart of any such knowing
Of any other

In that have we lived
Where every story is our story.

My love has been
And always shall be
With you.

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
“Το αθάνατο ζευγάρι” Painting/Image ©2008 Ryan Ranney
All Rights Reserved