Her mornings are full of life.
Her awakening comes from life giving words.
Blessing every day with praise and thought.
She wonders not into the darkened corners.

The newness of our love is like confronting a riddle.
My life screams at me to listen to our hearts.
I see woman upon woman inside her.
I feel layer upon layer of her unspoken desire.

My soul cries out for she whom it has beheld.
My eyes have known no other beauty.
The lingering passages of empty words haunt me.
There is not enough rhythm in these bones.

As the morning comes clearer, again I am astounded.
I see the hallowed time before within her.
It scratches in me to touch her depth.
But she is so full of light in this hour.

Is there nothing sacred left within us?
Has every part been dismantled by the beating drum?
We examine every corridor… and vipers have entered first.
The questions of her light is challenged by her own reflection.

In this her power returns to her.
It settles deep, and whispers the key.
In a gaze her eyes reflect the light and the fire.
In a moment of release she has channeled herself.

The words pour out of her spirit like the origins of God.
They educate her bones.
They confound her heart.
They are for everyone.

The wisdom of the message touches us.
I feel my shadow long more to know her.
The Divine soul of mine watches patiently.
She is magnificent, as I open another chapter.

Her gift each day has come from the Almighty.
Once from Heaven itself, now rests upon my shoulders.
I see the most beautiful heart in all the world.
What would I not give so she could continue her sacred work?

God in all the great wisdom has given me this One of Ancient Grace.
In moments of passion I resist for her fragile bones.
In moments of outpour I withhold for her fragile heart.
In moments of desire I withdraw for her fragile mind.

Yet all the while I know it is these very things which give her life.
Yet here she is in such light and such radiance.
Yet all the while I hear her silent voice begging for more depth.
Yet I linger on her light… for I have seen no greater Vision.

Her mornings are full of life.
And I give Light unto her world.
The muse of my muse is the lover of my lover.
And when her words have been made clear to her…

She will know the meaning to our life.

Ryan o0o


Photo “Colleen” ©2012 Ranney Studios

Copyright © 2013
Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved