The desert remembers our travail
while the sky records our intent
it is the wind we do speak
’til heard upon high

What shall we do with the pride of the young
when they stand without weapon
or shield
defying the arrows flight of their opressor?

Even what man has made
can take a life
yet there is that heart
believing nothing above itself

It is not calculated
that we die by the fire we breath
or that we live by the curses we create
or that we reap ourselves alone

How is it forgotten
that the brother I stood with long ago
I stand with also today?
Were they not brothers?

For there it is in the heart
as though this day is that
and there it is in the mind
as though yesterday will be tomorrow

Dreams are the inactions of our past
and the intent of our subconscious repentence
of our former pride
when we stood without works

There is a realm within
where all before is set down
for that love called unto us
without denials whisper

As it was with us then
so is it also now and forever
even to where we fear to go
again it returns

Indeed men did fight dragons
as they who found in their eyes
still war that path
at the utter absense of the worlds knowledge

Indeed men did wrestle with demons
except for those who sleep
oblivious they are to their demise
before the throne of kings around them

Indeed men did honor that above
and below
knowing their friend and their foe
were not without the power

May it be remembered

For every ouce of arrogance in ones heart
another does defend against the evil borne there.

For every moment of sleep
another does patrol the darkness aware.

For every valley of spoken lies
another does make mountains from filth.

For everything stolen
another does create

Around us always are they on the never ending journey
to whom our lives are owed
and to whom we shall serve in heaven
as they served us on earth

Theirs is the unquenchable fire
Theirs is the armour they made
We shall not know their sword they forged
by the choice we did not make

To oblivion are our worthless trinkets of vanity
formed with love only for self
formed with the will of greed
formed with the heart of self-righteousness

To greateness are the dragon slayers
who stand before the wind, the desert, the sky
even the demon, for us
as brothers we do not know

Yet all around are they.

Ryan o0o


Copyright © 2016
+Ryan-Ranney – +Ranney-Studios

Image provided by Pixabay
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