In sorrow do I plead as the distance
laid by the shores of unforgettable memory
The whisper is heard
Was it for another ear?

Why do we walk the narrow path
Between the land and the oceans?
Stepping into the one
retreating to the other

I see so clearly
the reflection of my reflection
staring as if in the abyss
of what love has meant untold

I feel so deeply
those impressions of my feet
there along the shore
of how I ran to your dream

I calculate the patterns of your marvel
I breach the laws of physics direction
I lower what is on high
and bring up what has been made low

The fog did not keep away this journey
nor did the rains,
neither the wind sent to wash away

The earth shook
The inhabitants fled
as I remain in ever-thought

Look at these hands
which hold the untempered destruction of each other
The left cannot be born
The right cannot die
The revelation cannot be erased

How does one embrace what is not known?
How does one contain what is not matter?
How does one release what is hidden
or capture what is free to rule with lies?

That I could find that moment of ignorant bliss
or that place of self satisfaction
or that will of self denial
or that duty of thoughtlessness
what rightful place I would take among them all
But I am a Son to the Unknowable
I am a man to the Unthought
I am a battle hardened relic
of a misinterpreted song
sung by the Spirits men fear

Thus my eyes do see

It must be written
They draw the line that does not exist

And as the heart does float away
beyond the clouds
far beyond the stars
that which cannot be born does dread
And that which cannot die does weep
And that place of desire in-between does long

They who walk about
and know what they feel
do not comprehend how
to feel what they know
how to feel what they do not know
how to feel what they cannot know
how to feel what they have
and do not have
what they are
and what they are not
what they will become
and what they were

Not unto themselves
Not unto others
But to what they did not learn
What they did not discover
What was not revealed to them
Do they instead obey

It is not a place for this one
This was not fashioned for me

The ocean was mine
as was the forest beyond
the mountains
the sands
the grasses
the forgotten places

The symbol remains
to be known only by they who hear
the misinterpreted song
played in the minds-eye
Absent of the emotion it was written for
Absent of its meaning
Absent of its power
Absent of its purpose or intent
Absent of its everlasting covenant

In sorrow do I plead as the distance
laid by the shores of unforgettable memory
The whisper is heard
Save them all

Ryan o0o


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