In a time of untruth
there is nothing to speak
nothing to hear

In a time of darkness
there is nothing to see
nothing to build

In a time of corruption
there is nothing to balance
nothing to believe

I say what has been shown
that even two little girls
sitting on the end of a dock
can turn the tide of life and death

Far greater are they than that of any of mans programs
Far greater are they than any plot, scheme or design
in the heart of mankind

In their eyes is unwavering will
Their mind is set
Their soul fixed into a place
you cannot shake

We are born a witch and warlock to the spirit of relentless devouring
We are born true believers
of that which cannot be believed
of that which cannot be shown in light
of that which cannot be straight

Our fingers we point to the soul of others
knowing we are corrupt
Our tiny little flame do we promote as the fire of hell
knowing we are powerless
Our spirits we use to mock the forces of life
knowing we cannot see before us, or after us

Yet we claim our faith as everlasting
and from the most High

Has no one warned of the following of such self?
That real souls of darkness lay all around us
Who’s very breath, turned our way, erases our existence?
Who speak no truth
Who shed no light
Who make all things crooked everywhere
All in the name of the most High

Why shall we listen to emptiness
spoken by the corrupt
in darkness
without power?

For in Light there is another thing

That the real force of all force
does force nothing
because the lie does not exist
except in belief of it

That the real power of the all powerful
wields no power against the powerless
Because Power cannot be harmed
and fears us not

That the real life of the origins of life
asks nothing, for it can create
takes nothing, for it is already theirs
lies not, for all that is said becomes alive
cheats not, for all that is, is as itself
turns not away, for it cannot turn from itself
destroys not, for all things transform
asks not that we die, but that we live, for we are alive

I have stood at the gulf
staring into the deep dark nothingness
hearing the words
of the liar
trying to convince the fallen
that they are happy without

Proclaiming the punishment if we obey not
Instructing fear if we do not conform
Spewing the prophecy of isolated death, if we do not relent

And such things make sense to man

Where lies the faith?

Ryan o0o


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