I don’t feel like posting one of my insane rambling rants tonight.

Oh i do have them still…
and could write one out right now
with all the thoughts in my head

But I am starting to realize something.
It is HARD to read and write “me” sometimes.

Sure I could tell you about the Parasite of the mind
or the hidden Gothic morality of the 1600’s
or the “Unknown God” of ancient Greece
or the thousand connections of Genesis to us today…

I could have taken you on one of the many dreams or visions I had today…

there was the one of Oceans above the world that got poured out onto the earth
creating the canyons and killing the dinosaurs
since the oxygen level suddenly dropped

or the vision of the Temple of the “Gualt”
Where we are exposed to our Soul
giving us the ability to identify a like soul in another.

Or the dream where the trees were far larger than they are now
and people who look human could Fly
simply by will because they had faith back then
and the key to that was just so simple i felt embarrassed to walk.

Oh there were so many more today… it was a banner day for day dreaming…

But I just wanted to take a moment to notice it is raining outside
and my wife is sleeping beautifully next to me
and the blankets look inviting
and the cat has taken his place at the foot of the bed
and it is OK just to be…


Nobody else,
nothing special.

I intentionally have to block all that is in my mind
just to say
“How are YOU doing?”
“How has life been good to you today?”

I want to say to everyone and that I appreciate their words, their lives, their input and their spirits.

I learn from you this way… the way of your life…

Because deep down in me Is the soul of a Hermit
a terminally unique outsider
and a wanderer who jumped outside the fence
only to see that the world is vast
and not many have truly explored her.

I am jealous at times of those who are innocent
and sometimes I wish to unlearn 90 percent of all that I know
even more so it has been difficult to see between the moments
that others do not always see.

It is heavy on the heart.

Which is why I share so much of my Love for simple Sacred things.
It is also why I hope so much in a God who understands what I cannot
and why I reach for a Woman who shares what can only be shared together.

In truth I am astounded by the rest of the world
and how individual and growing and searching everyone is
and how thoughtful or thoughtless and courageous many are

Because I can always see the edge of the cliff
and the lines that shoot out from every choice
and the places we find ourselves later on because of choices now.
There truly is no way of ever sharing any of that
without standing in the way of another’s life.

Yet my own life is a complete mystery
unless I share unspoken words with another
in another way
beyond the intelligence of my own comprehension.

Maybe this is true of everyone?

And alas… my truth again exerts itself
and I am found here and now
insanely rambling
though I gave it my all
to avoid it.

Relent oh MIND.

I hope everyone has a GREAT new day and finds themselves with a perfect Ice Cream Cone to share.
Play in a sandbox with someone
mow the lawn
smell the grass
Give someone something that means a lot TO YOU…
It gives me great joy to see others Prosper.

It may be the greatest Joy of all?

Ryan o0o


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