Can a man of science embrace fact without embracing the spirit? Can a man of peace bring peace without discerning war? Can a man of art sculpt stone without senses? Can a man of music weave notes without understanding?

We seek for a diamond but will only look among the rocks. We seek for a answer but will only look among the ruins. We seek for love but will only look in one direction. We seek for truth but will only listen to what we know.

Does a mountain have no base? Does an ocean have no floor? Does the bird soar between the Heavens and Nothing? Does the Man soar between the Light and Nothing?

If a man is upon the earth, is he separate from the Heavens? If a man is within the Heavens, is he separate from the earth?

We enter a stage where the right hand denies the left, and the left hand withholds the right.

How can the traveler travel without means? How can the Dreamer dream without desire? How can the creator create without will? How can the Lover love without understanding?

In the day of truth is the truth of ALL things great and small, Not just the great. And in the day of truth will be remembrance of ALL things done and undone, not just the finished. And in the day of truth will be revelations of ALL things.

Were not The Heavens measured in contrast to the rest of the realities? And was not the Light measured in contrast to the dark? And was not man measured in contrast to himself?

A house will not stand without it’s foundation. And a Tree will not grow without it’s roots.

For if we only love those who love us.. what have we gained? And if we only seek light without dark…. who have we denied?

Ryan o0o


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