We cannot put away the beast
Unless the beast is first set free

Those who war and those who rage
Are those afraid to see what lies
Beneath the glare in their eyes

Rules give way to chains
And law gives way to obedience
And structure gives way to calm
While the planet dreams utopia
Without knowing ones self

How many times have you wanted to run?
Fast away from that life of yours
Fast away from the orchards of humanity
Fast away from the image of yourself
That others assigned we should be?

What a great thing it is to remain in the dome
Because most cannot fathom their beast
And indeed they themselves know
It is beyond their own control
It is the very release of any control at all.

That is what it is.

So where do we stand?
Are we kind in order to deny our shadow?
Are we lawful in order to avoid our will?
Are we nice in order to keep the taking of arms at bay?
When have you smiled with truth?

Look to the world
It is not satisfied with hiding any longer.
It will no longer obey its master.
The people are rising up
Against themselves
In order to overthrow their oppressor.

They are trying to set free the beast
Without any experience
They let lose the dog.
Now we see Nations at war with themselves
And Nations at war with Nations

I was one who ran to the woods
And let loose the beast
With fury and fire and rampage
It burned away every portion
Of every portion of my life.

The beast is as dark and deep and horrible
As is the light bright and high and beautiful.

I myself understood the need
For my own death

Even though I used to be a little boy
And full of love and grace
And the desire to laugh with you
Inside grew a relentless beast
And that beast is the same for us all
This is the meaning of mobs

None are free until they put away the beast they set free
Which is how we marvel not at war
And why we stand not in the way of sin
In order to have choice over the hell of our shadow

And this is where the image changes

The journey to peace is lead
By those who Mastered war
And did away with it.
None shall find peace following man’s righteousness.

The path to liberation is laid by those who were slaves
And set down each rock of hell into the ground.
So that others may walk on solid ground and not sink.
None shall find liberation by the government of the privileged.

Those who are just in the law
Are those who lived every form of lawlessness
In order to be the law they now do so love.
None shall obey law without honest respect.

Only a drunk of great magnitude
Can become sober minded to great magnitude

Only those who were tortured with fear
Can show the way to fearlessness.

Only the darkest heart, broken in the darkest hour
Will define the nature of Love to all the world.

This is why I have chosen Love
And why I have chosen Sobriety
And why I have chosen the Eternal Law
And why I have chosen Liberation
And why I have chosen Peace.

Because only the Dead shall Rise.

My love is no vainglory
Nor is my peace mistaken
Even my liberation is unquestionable
And the law of my love for my Creator
Has no fathomable end.

Indeed the universe is beautiful beyond measure
And the brothers and sisters before me are deserving of life
Each and every one given their own name
And fashioned to their own face
Living a life that none other shall ever live
Unique and personal to every living soul

And though some will never lead
And some will never create
And some will never rise on earth
They were not meant to.
They were meant to know the light
Of not knowing darkness
In order to prove the power of light.

My desire is that you live
My desire is that you are given love
My desire is that you are given peace
My desire is that you are given liberation
My desire is that you fearlessly experience
Everything that may bring joy to your heart.

My desire is that no one should harm another.
Put away the beast
So that all may see your Rise to Life.

Ryan o0o

Copyright © 2013
+Ryan-Ranney – +Ranney-Studios
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