You see it in the eyes of the wanderer
In the gaze of the soldier
In the stance of the homeless
In the cries of the insane
And in the mystical abyss
Of the true artist heart.

You see the desire for it
In the eyes of the protestor
In the gaze of the lost
In the stance of the preacher
In the cries of the hurt
And in the abysmal hell
Of the drunkards heart.

But please don’t look out the window
There is no going back
There is no return to former things
There is no wall to protect us
There is no way to forget
We cannot be saved
Once we look out the window.

You will stumble all the days of your life
Seeing no difference between the alley of filth
And the palaces of perfect splendor
Where prostitutes die by the ravages of men
And men die in the golden tombs of their wealth
Knowing there is no difference
Between the wall of standing frozen penguins
And the wall of walking men upon the street

You will fester always in the knowing
That once we grasp a thing
It is no longer ours
And once we build a thing
It is for others
And once we conceive a thing
It is a greater isolation on earth

And what another has made
Will always be a greater retreat
Like a ride in the boat of a friend
Or an ancient Pyramid
Or a hidden Valley of the Kings discovered
Or the Grande Palace we once coveted with awe
Knowing now the master inside has no rest.

This is just information
This is just jargon and puzzles
To actually experience such an equilibrium of the absurd
Is to know that heaven is hell
And hell is heaven
In all that man does and hopes to do.

Yes it is true that none shall be free
No not one can be free
Unless they look out the window
But please don’t look out that window
Until you are ready to let everything die
Like a pillar of salt upon the desert

For no one shall ever appear the same again
And nothing shall ever be as it once was
And you shall never grasp what you once did
And you shall not be known as you once were
And you will know sorrow that cannot be known
In man’s world.

Because there is no power in anything man does
Yet man believes
Even though the rebel and the conformist are the exact same man
They believe they express power each
When there is no power in either.

The vanity of man’s pursuit is overwhelming
And the fruitlessness is as a vacuum of space
And when they stand and say
You will see the pattern of all men before them forgotten.

We are so entirely naked
Once we peer out the window
Without clothing, without armour, without bones to stand
That none other than a God can be our companion
For now we get our first glance
At what God had made in secret
And what was unknown is known
While what was known is now unknown

To be without our God outside the window
Would require immediate death
For none can stand in the surrounding truth
And live in lies.

None can breath the air of purity
And feed a rotten heart
None can taste the fruit of the spirit
And curse with their heart

The fools think they are wise
And the wise know nothing

To step outside is to cry out from the soul
While the tempest of the hardened heart
Softens to the pure silk of milk

And no one who fears to look out the window
Will ever believe ye sane again
Once you stare into the world that defined beauty
And harnessed eternity
And the place that actually has all Power
Even though it has no law but that of permanence
With Power enough to shackle the gate to hell

The very gate with the window

Do not look out the window
Unless you are ready to accept where you are
And where you have always been.

Ryan o0o


Sketch “Sinister Woman” ©2011 Colleen Ranney &colleencranney – Used with Permission

Copyright © 2013
+Ryan-Ranney – +Ranney-Studios
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