I shall not succumb to the lesson of your disgrace
nor shall my flesh worship you any longer
nor shall my heart be within your grasp
nor shall my mind be open to you
nor shall my spirit forget itself

As it is that the enemy of my enemy
is not always my friend
So too it is that the friend of my friend
is often my enemy

You who cast shadows with puppets
and create storms of light with trickery
and stand in the places of another life
and mock the righteous of their inheritance

You are heard from the beginning to the end
and indeed is there an end to you

This is why the farther ahead we go
the further back I look to the ancient

We play with Light and Sound
In our science and personal life
We play with Thought
in our religion and philosophy
We play with Will
In our law and ethics
We play with History
In our education and culture
We play with Each other
In our judgement and morals

Who shall know that light and sound are the same?
Who shall know that thought is likewise?
Who shall know that History manifests
the Will of our intent
that we have used to deny life
using the very tools of life to do so?

Yours is not the mirror of smoke
nor is it the slight of hand
it cannot be found that there is a truth among you
even inside the words of your potent worshippers
and your talented scribes

oh I have witnessed your calculated risks
I have faced your damning predictability
for the veil of my world and yours
has hidden nothing of your scheme

Who is it that made it so that I should see?
Who had chosen that my ears could discern you?
Who had brought life to my death
that I would stand still while under the weight of you
and that I should walk through your fortresses
and that I should know of your intent
while feeling the heat of your breath?

All the while the inhabitants of earth
do fear the very name of you
and the very idea of you
do you have your place unwelcome
For wether fear directs my steps
or fearlessness is my course
you shall still be there
with your vain anger
and worthless demands

All the while the inhabitants of earth
gather to praise you in worship
knowing not that it is you who has directed them
or that you have lied concerning their guilt
or that you have disguised yourself as another
it is nevertheless known to some
who have been given right to witness you
by a Greater God

What shall you say in all your complaining?
What shall you receive in all of your whining?
What shall you overcome in all of your raging?
What shall you command in all of your denial?
What shall you inherit in all of your warring?

As it has always been
the Liar is the responsible one
deceiving themselves
the Prideful is the damning one
proving their own guilt
the Poor are they who horde
exposing their fear
as the Wealthy are they who discover the Universe
for all

I will expose all shown to me
I will speak all words handed to me
I will reveal all secrets opened to me
I will share all given to me
I will be what I was made to be

Even now I can see the corners of time
and the splacelessness of motion
That the legends of the Sacred ones
outnumber the vile by multiples of trillions
and the source of their light
is from the love of life itself
as Guardians of Every Form
With light so bright it is as Ice
And the strength of their Commander in their arm
With eyes of commitment indisputable

Who can desire to seek a lie
or will to walk in darkness
when faced with the Holy truth
of illuminated Beauty?

Ryan o0o


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