There are those who want to help our souls
and there are those who want to be seen helping our souls
and there are those who want to be glorified by helping souls
and there are those who won’t help anyone in anyway
and there are those who don’t want to help, but will.

The greatest Kings, did not want to be Kings
The greatest Leaders, did not want to be leaders
The greatest prophets, did not want to be prophets.
The greatest Minister, Priests, Councilors, Aids, Doctors, Guides and gurus, 
did Not want to be such.

Those who did not want such things but ended up doing so
are those who were hounded to do so.
In history they were either hounded by God,
or by society or by circumstance or by principle.
Sometimes they were hounded by themselves,
to overcome their fears and their non-desire
Because non other was found in the land to speak the truth.

I trust those who did not want to “help” but are willing.
Because I am aware that they speak not for their own message
But for the message of They who sent them to speak.

I seek always to find those who respect the message
And not themselves for speaking it.

Yet in our world we are this day filled with those others
Who have decided your soul needs help, and they want to help
Or those who have seen that you seek and so they can profit from your seeking
Or those who desire to be praised for their wisdom because they are so spiritual
Or those who truly believe that you would be healthy if you were just like them.

I have greater respect for those who will not help anyone
Because they hide not the fact that they speak for themselves only.
Where as so many now stand upon stages
Judging the masses and offering their perspective
On their idea of their particular brand
Of their truth.

There are less on the earth who desire to offer help
Simply for the sake of justice and love and personal experience
Than there are those who offer help
For personal gain.

Many prophesy from the center of their own hearts
Than from any place of actual truth.
How many more claim truth when truth cannot be claimed?

How many in the name of Love
Speak about love without knowing love?
How many in the name of justice
Speak about justice without themselves being just?
How many in the name of a God
Speak about that God without knowing God?

Those who have helped me the very most
Have been those who simply shared their life story honestly
And never once believed I should do as they have done
But respected me enough to know that I will choose.

Those who have helped me the most
Have been those who found something great to them
And said “wow look at how beautiful this thing is to me”
And never once told me that I must have this thing
In order to be right in my soul.

Those who have helped me the most
Have First asked me if I wanted help
Before even offering.

As I have said before
I write to learn and speak to learn
Not to teach
And I seek to learn and to remain teachable

I am simply a man
Knowing that the greatest thing I can do for you
Is for me to become an honest soul
To stand not in the way of your growth
To speak not on your behalf
To judge not the sacredness of your experience
And see even now I too fall
Because I cannot stand a lie wrapped in a pretty bow
Of false love
False justice
False information
False Gods
And false truth.

All I wish to write is love letters to my wife
Yet with unending concern I am forced to write
Also of other things
So that I may learn from that great well offered to me.
I am responsible to share what has been given to me.

I admire those who share their stories
And though they battle so many worries
Still will offer help to those who ask.
I understand the peace they want in their life
And the peace they want for others
Because it is THAT Justice that opens their mouths
When really they do not want to speak.

They are my teachers in human matters
And their souls shine bright to me.
In them I find no personal gain
And only gain they likewise see for the whole of the universe.

Ryan o0o


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