I have never been taught
the reality of purpose
nor have I been witness
to the reality of truth
by the works of mankind

For each generation
is exactly the same as before

Where all living things
take account of their actions
knowing they shall live and die by their works
man does turn away

Where all living things
stand before the very life of the earth
knowing to the earth they return
man does look away

In order to proclaim their own will
and justify their own demands
and brutilize their own brothers
man does divise untruth
in the very name of light

The great man withholds his greatness
and does not flaunt it before the face of God
who has eyes in all living things

With the turn of a cloud
the haughty can fall
at the whim of lessor gods

Within the wink of the eye
the fallen can rise
at the desire of the Great Creator

There are no borders
There are no customs
There are human laws
There are no human conditions
Indeed there are no kings
Who will ever change the fact of truth

Yet all stand in the way of it.

And knowing that all before my eyes
is untruth
from that old generation to now
does it become clear
that truth cannot be hidden

If their heart has been given to life
and not to darkness

In the absense of love
does one discover love
in the absense of wealth
does one disover wealth
in the absense of truth
does one discover the truth

For without love
one becomes love
and without wealth
one becomes wealthy
and without truth
one becomes the truth

To say is not as it seems

Can the proud see their pride?
Or is it they without pride who bear witness quietly?
And they with Pride judge the pride of another loudly?

A creator creates what isn’t there
as a destroyer destroys what has been created
And this is found in the heart

What is in my heart
cannot be given to another
who does not have it already within theirs
unless they know they have been decieved
and have likewise decieved themselves

For in life is there more
and in lies and untruth is there less
so that as I am I may create living works
and may also destroy dying lies

And who shall desire always to be a destoyer
welding the curse of their tongue
knowing that it was life that gave life to them
and without they could not proclaim destruction
and by doing so proclaim their own demise?

And who shall not proclaim and seek and desire to be a creator
knowing that they have life inside them
and by creating more life
ensure their life

As it is impossible to reveal the obvious
to the believers of self
So to is it impossible to hide the fact
from the believers of life

Truth cannot be taken or stolen
Nor can truth be had or found
Neither can it be bought or sold
Indeed it cannot even be hidden within the absense of truth

As truth itself must be revealed
by that which you call God

Though it is available to all

Ryan o0o


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