(Taken from the radiance of the Flower of Life)

Even the Messengers of life – need life
Even the formless powers of Angels – need life
Even the Flame is from another Flame
Even the darkness fuels the flame

As one star holds the ingrediants of another star
So does every flame also come from the Master of Goodness
We may see with our eyes how they are separate
Yet in our minds we can know they are from the same

As a messenger cannot speak
Without a message given
And an Angel cannot transform
Without a command given
So too do we not live and breathe
Without the proof of Fire within us.

As one planet holds the force of it’s Body
So too does every Planet hold the force of it’s body
Bringing all that passes by them into their weight
We may see their different bodies
But our mind understands that they are of the same law

So too are we of the life inside us to all the life in others
And when we see one who is powerless
We see one who has been lied to about their life
Taken hold of them so that another life of darkness is within them

When we see a brother lie, or steal, or cheat, or harm, or murder another
We see not the Life of they who were formed to dwell within
We see instead the powers of darkness that has taken over them
And lied to them
So that their flame is shrouded by the darkness

It is as if a cloud of darkness covered the sun
Yet the sun is still there within
And it is as if a stone of lifelessness encompassed the earth
Yet the life on the earth is still there
So too is the life of our Brother inside the life of their body

No human is formed from darkness, but formed rather from love
And it has been taught to them that they should fear and harm
So that they would appear powerless even unto themselves.
So that another spirit would dwell within them.

Yet no human is powerless
No human is without flame
For none can be born without it

Does anyone stand before a flame without feeling it’s heat?
Or does another stand in the snow without feeling it’s cold?
Can yet another go without food without feeling hunger?
Or even another resist all water without feeling thirst?

And the lesson of the flame is as every flame
Growing ever greater, higher and brighter
when encountering another flame

This too is of the life in us.
That when we approach life, we gain life
Rising ever higher into the radiance
And when we approach darkness
We gain darkness
Dropping ever lower into the lies of powerlessness.

Yet within is the truth of our Flame
No matter what we believe – it is only of an experience
And as no darkness can resist light forever
Neither can powerlessness overcome power
When they who desire love, again know of their origins.

Ryan o0o


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