I drink the ash from the remnants of this delusion
always returned to that which outlived
in the end
as the beginning

What is it that this man would think?
What matter would course the blood
of they who travel in a time
I can only witness
as they all pass?

That this stone would find its way into my heart
cursing me as all have done
given ear unto the song
of this world’s hatred
for all that I have loved

As again my own blood
dismantles this body
waning to a pulse
with no more rhythm
nor words to give of comfort

And there am I still
as so many years ago
standing upon the dirt road
contemplating my own worth
to a place that prefers my silence

Truly nothing has changed
as I reached out to that empty house
knowing then as now
none shall follow me.
Greater then I are fathers

Yet I can’t abandon the vision
of the great love spoken to me
as voices past
hypnotized my sacred places
of someone else’s reality

Still my voice is as the ash in my mouth
Still the sky replies not
Still the earth responds not
Still my blood dissolves
Still my love is as the cast stone

Still I dreamed

Ryan o0o


All words and Phrases
©2015 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved
Painting “Water’s Edge” by Colleen Ranney