Hear O children of the Light
with open ears
and fixed eyes
while in silence of the flesh

For it is that of the mind are we accursed
and of the spirit are we renewed

Who shall shut the Hall of the Lord
within you?
Who shall ban the Word of God
within you?

Who may silence your grace
or quiet your peace
or force your obedience
to disobedience
within you?

Truly only fear is their weapon
knowing not the fearlessness of the Sons of God.
Truly only lies are their tool
knowing not the truth of the Sons of God.
Truly only oppression is their method
knowing not the liberty of the Sons of God.
Truly only darkness is their path
knowing not the Lighted path of the Sons of God.

As they know not God.

For in the earth am I also in God
and in the prison am I also in God
and in the hands of men am I also in God
and even in the hell of darkness am I also in God

As it is,

That we enter the earth, holding the lamp of God,
as though we enter a building from outside of it
down into the darkness of her,
deep into the pits of man’s creations
taking this path inside or that path inside
leading always back out of the earth upon death
Holding our Lamps still
into our life of truth, that all is God’s.

Let us not forget, that God is within us,
as we are within God – for all IS God.
Ye even the wicked
and even the deceived
and even the frightened
who persecute you with fear.

They know not our Father
and know only the father of darkness
who has already been condemned.
Let us always then pray for our fellows
knowing that even they shall know our Father
as we may know Him now.

For no power on earth IS power
as all power here passes away
and real power never passes.
For no righteousness on earth IS righteousness
as all earthly righteousness will pass away
and real righteousness lives on forever.
For no force on earth IS force
as all earthly forces will pass away
and real force never withers.
For no wisdom of man IS wisdom
as man shall be but a short time
and actual Wisdom is for all time.

For no kingdom of earth IS a kingdom
as all man’s rule will one day crumble
and the Kingdom of God stands forever.

Ryan o0o