In these our darkened days
where harlots play
with truth

I cannot help but imagine
our morning embrace
with grace upon us

When cold rains fill the sky
and clouds adrift along roads
there the street preacher
does sell his wares

“come and enter our Kingdom”
he does say
“come to where there is righteousness”

I cannot help but know
of our unwelcome spirit
and the fear in their eyes
at us.

Pray do we mourn
that the table of the
judging man
feeds us not?

There in this mockery
our last picture show
of they who would worship
our Father in Kindness

When only truth is gone
and all things other do live
does our heart also feel the
desire for brotherhood

We lay in our bed
humble and quiet
reaching for our everlasting joy

We rest in hallowed home,
watching rain and cloud
creating gifts for others
to grace their own dwellings.

We climb into the cycle
sun rise, sun set
we walk among men

Set apart is our knowledge
Set aside is our existence
Set behind is our worth
Set alone is our love

With smiles of peace
you do come to share
this life with me

A man Not alone
a woman Not unheard
an expression of life
Not departed.

Within me is the battle of all that you have known on earth
Within you is the battle of all that I have known in Spirit

Together our destinies tremble
beside the rage of our rivers

Hear your voice in me
Who is thy very self
unabashedly awakened

Our valleys are deep
and our Mountains rise up
to this our
undiscovered country

In seeking we did find
the journey we did explore
Together is our home
built only for us

Rest assured the day will come
my Love
when others will also find their Kingdom

When the streets again
are filled with truth
and sovereignty in every heart
does live

Then our smiles will be for all
as they are for one another
Then shall peace be between all life
as peace is between us.

Until that day
I shall honor and praise
our beautiful gift
that in this day
we have accepted
our Eden’s rest

No more does my heart yearn
for what is not ours

When Heaven shines upon
our Waters
And our Earth springs forth
green growth
When sweetness fills the air
and coolness touches our skin

Songs ring out an echo
along the ridge of the mountain tip
and Birds survey the bounty
singing the account

All in this simple desire
within our hearts
was the path made clear

I am welcomed home
in your touch
and care
surrounded by
Creations secret.

My love is ever with thee

Ryan o0o


Photo “Undiscovered Country” ©2010 Colleen Ranney – used with permission

Copyright © 2013
+Ryan-Ranney – +Ranney-Studios
All Rights Reserved