From many lives unto many lives,
We have walked together.

From the beginning,
we have sought each other out.

Over and over we have fallen… seeking.

I set aside all that is in our time now.
I set aside all progress,
all society,
all things modern,
all things of today.

I go to a place inside
and I remember Ancient Scotland.
With Hills
and Clan wars,
and fallen fellows.

I reach for a small stone.
it is standing besides a grave.
which is next to a tree.
I kneel,
and cry.
My heart is broken there.

It is here I saw her last.

AWAKEN IMMORTAL again am I here now.

Another life in this time now.


All the days of my life I lived
beside her grave, in my heart.
beside her memories,
beside her soul and her love.

I built her Castles,
So that I would never forget.
I build them all,
to always respect her Royalty with me.

Gracious Father in Heaven,
Who hast heard my mournful cry!
With Humility I thank thee for her.

She who was also returned to this time!
Has also cried out to thee!
And also for her you have answered!

Gracious and most kind Father in Heaven.

You have returned us to our love.
You have given us another life.
You have opened our eyes to our inheritance.

My Eve is with me again, as was before.

I built her Castles,
Because it was the last time I saw her…

Until now.

Praise God Almighty and his Wisdom
and Grace and Mercy.

I love you Colleen…. I had missed you so very much!

Ryan o0o

For many years I have been the Creator and Owner of “Castle Clan” in the online world of Second Life. My Name there is GreatScott McMillan.

I have over 80 such creations and sold thousands of Virtual Castles, Cottages and Medieval structures. I gave away even more.  As GreatScott McMillan I have the wonderful opportunity to peer into the lives of interesting people all over the world.  Some of them are even descendants of Kings.

Castle Clan made its mark in the Online world, and my Avatar Name (GreatScott McMillan) became famous and synonymous with authentic and beautiful structures from a time long ago. Castle Clan is unmatched in attention to detail and crafting.

My Poem is from my own dreams and visions and life itself. I created what I knew. I DID Build her Castles and a few also carry her Name.

May you know now that I do not speak words alone, but also follow them all with works.

Ryan Ranney o0o (aka GreatScott McMillan of Castle Clan)

Copyright © 2013

Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios

All Rights Reserved