My care for you goes beyond what I hope
for myself.
My desire for you lives in a special place in me
set aside for you.
My dreams for you are alive and vital in the spirit
I share with you.

My life is a service of
Knowing what you do not know
Giving what you do not have
Accepting what you cannot handle
Speaking what you cannot say
Understanding what you cannot fathom
Opening what was closed to you
Offering what was withheld from you
Restoring what was stolen from you
Remembering what is forgotten
and holding your hand in the wind.

My arms carry the heaviness beyond you
My feet take me where you fear to tread
My heart embraces your secrets
and my voice never leaves the chambers of God
as the advocate and friend of your life.

You are the One I have given my care to.
If known or unknown
comprehended or not
what else would it matter?

In truth we can ask
who knows our love for another
as we know it ourselves?

And who shares our love for another
as we share it with God?

Not even they are aware of our depths
no matter who they are
or what they may know.

As I watch a child enter a new era
or a friend enter a new battlefield
or my family enter a new reality…
nothing compares to the feeling in my heart
for my Lover and Friend.

I see before me the great universe of her life
and I dwell in such places with her
what is not known and cannot be known
of her life
and what she knows and cannot know of mine.

All the while there is that door
where spirits come and go of
memories, lives, importances and meaning…

and I stand in the doorway
of two worlds
with tears on my face…
forever anchored in the world of man I know
reaching for her place I wish to defend.

You are the One my Love and my Life
who has made the ways of this man Straight
and brought blessings to my head
through unexplainable means only known to God.

And I am with you
I am
even when you cannot see
and cannot hear
and do not know the path before you…
I walk it with you.

I will fumble in darkness holding you
and stumble in thorns finding our way out
I am with you wherever we may find ourselves
so that you need not be alone.

I care for you
you have this in me
as you have before and now and always shall.

Though none of it I can say
so that it may be understood
it is true and real still
in Heaven and on Earth
in Mind, Body and Spirit
in everything that is life.

This is the “Husband who cherishes the life of his Wife
as his very own”.
This is the command of the Heart I cannot disobey.

Fear not ever that all could be lost
when you find darkness in the ways of man…
For I am with you
and I am in Love
with you.

Just Because.

Ryan o0o


Copyright © 2013
Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved