The voice of the innocent is not lost.
The dreams of a child are not forgotten.
The path of their life may unfold,
But the journey only hides the righteous.

Look into the angry man,
Look into the bitter woman,
Look into the weakened soul.
There you will find them.

Touch the heart of the miserable,
Touch the mind of the seeker,
Touch the pain of the sufferer,
There you will find them.

Give ear to the hidden words,
Give desire to the outstretched hand,
Give hope to the hopeless,
There you will find them.

For the anger is not the man,
and the bitter is not the woman,
and the lost is not the one you see,
Below that you will find them.

There is a wave crashing against the beach.
But the washout is hidden.

There is a mirror staring into the eyes of the deceived,
to deceive again.

Look not to what you see,
Reach not for what you know,
trust not those things you think,
And then you will find them.

Our innocence is waiting for us.
Our youth has not grown up in us.
Our little selves witness the movie of our life.
Our real soul…

Our REAL soul…

YOU… are still there.

Ryan o0o

“Love embraces every part of us, this we must remember – especially in Romance”


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