It has been seen
Without query
No comment reflected
At the end of words
Ryan o0o.

o0o is as an uncharted universe
it is a world in that universe
it is a place in that world
it is an experience in that place
it is a journey in that experience
it is a lesson in that journey
it is an answer in that lesson
it is the meaning to all answers
in the universe around it all yet unknown

o0o must be shared
As it cannot be created alone

0 is the first
with o as the second
and o as the third

It is as a throne
with a right hand and left
though this gives no enlightened description

It is as a symbol of what was, was is, and what shall be
though this gives no proper understanding

It is as a temple of power with two opened doors
Still it cannot be given this way

It is a fire
Where time, space, gravity and earthly thought
Do not exist
Even more so this reveals only a little

I shall seek to answer in riddle
Since what is not seen will expose more
Than what can be shown

My love is ever with thee
And they of unknowing.

As the conscious will persists
And the olden core responds
The seat awaits birth of suns
Where they are not seen

For they of this kind
Before our transformation
Stand only to give of after
Upon the earth

Whereas we who were given more
Long ago
Embrace the Fire of Spirit within
Creating more outside the realm
Than in it

For I see before me
She who was given the name “Beautiful”
And for that words creation, was made
So that with every use
It is as a blessing to the original name
Of she who is Beautiful

Of this beauty forgotten
That all still seek to know
Set aside on the earth as secret
So that its doorways are unknown
EVEN while standing within their very frames!

We can only be tasked
To consider the ancient stories
Once again.

My love who has not forgotten
The ladder of her soul
Or the awakening in me
To once again proclaim what I know
Do again reach into the outer inward

There do Sons reign in Kingdoms before their Father
And Daughters do make grace the law before their Mother
Where unknown planets do populate
Awaiting the return
Of they who created while wandering
To earths forgotten legacy

Let it be known that every word
And action upon this soil
Is as the building blocks of what is to come
Like a puzzle to a blind man
Or a riddle to deaf man
Yet there still
Is it written

And in this great moment within moments
Where joy of the Spirit gives life
And joy of the heart does guide it
So to do our broken vessels mend.

Even so this is only a portion
Of o0o

For what is a Temple without a congregation?
And what is a congregation without a Temple?
What purpose is there to Power without giving life?
Or a seeker of Life without Power given?

Could anything be accomplished between the Two
The Temple and the Congregation
Without the desire of Love to do so?

And who shall ever travel to the Holy Places
Unless they be Beautiful?

And who shall behold what is beautiful
Without exploring beyond their understanding?


Even with all these words…
I can only express the portion of a stone as compared to the earth.

(Written for She who knows and understand these words, Colleen Ranney )

Ryan o0o


Original Art “Language” ©2010 &colleencranney Colleen Ranney – used with Permission

Copyright © 2013
+Ryan-Ranney – +Ranney-Studios
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