Nothing prepared me.
Nothing could.

There in a dream I saw you
Your soul was like that of a Cloud Veiled Sun
Drifting towards me in flowing array
Ever-soft flight
With stars and space behind you

So young I was yet even then I knew
I knew everything on earth must be set aside
To realize this dream
To embrace the holy grace of sensual love
To find the wonders of God’s delight in you

Blessed I was to be given the sight of your form
And in the hearing of your secret words to me
I knew
You would be ever present in my heart
Indeed how tormented I was before you touched me


Naked before the Host of Heaven
And the Grande Throne of Justice
And the open Book of Life
Your name was spoken with peace
Your light measured with a smile of the Creator

How beautiful a thing for a simple boy to dream?
Yet always did you come to me
Reminding me to stay vigilant in my pursuit
Of joy, harmony, peace, blessing and bliss
How beautiful a thing to harbor when all of life was terrible?

Who could ever stand in your presence, found in my heart
And claim to be a muse of greater entanglement?
For there in all the days of my life
Did I measure every woman by your proportions
Did I uphold every woman to your standards.


Naked and open in heart
Radiant in soul
Intent and purpose filling your eyes
With the skin of my skin and bone of my bones
You sailed always to me with secrets

Yet as in all epiphanies found on the earth
We know of the truth of our truth as all others do
That none other shall ever find the place
Where our intent had rested that day Blessing us
And teaching us also of our isolated encampment

I could prattle on always forever with clarity
Yet nothing of my words will ever reach another ear
Or another heart
Or another soul
So that they may find our glorious place


Even naked before every corner of the universe
Our factor is alone in this outstanding place of intimacy
Where the mere mention of it causes covetousness
Though they know not even that which they covet
And that what is us is not them

Because they and theirs are subject also to the reality
Of their reality and their dreams
Found in their heart since their beginning
Only to be opened if they do also dare
To know the nirvana of the unlimited joys

So damning it is to embrace the intent of God
With no words to speak of such things
So powerless it is at times
To watch the world play in filth
Believing they are clean

Yet You and I are Naked

And no one sees that we are
Though we shout it
In the open light and even in the hidden places
Of the great mystery revealed to us in a dream
That we now relive also in our waking life

Would I ever give up the gift?
No, Indeed it took the giving up of all other things
Just to find
But rested not is my heart in hoping to open the gate wider with noise
That all may smell the sweet food at their table prepared also for them.

If they too would just stand
In order to find their great castle
And their bountiful feast of food and drink
And their blissful union with the Almighty Joy

Pray God that in wilderness ways
A beast not find them
A storm not overcome them
A lost path not lead them away
For all are worthy to find love in the eyes of another’s naked spirit.

Ryan o0o
For my Beloved Colleen Ranney


Copyright © 2013
Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved