There has been no stone left unturned
In the life of the wandering fool
Seeking all that is potent
And Sacred.

Embrace thee therefore our Parents love
Knowing safety and peace
Brought about in the consummation of our life.

For man and woman may hold one another in love
And reach for the heavens
To bring forth life

And man can steal from a woman
And reach for his personal lust
And still bring forth life

And woman can deceive man
And reach for her personal greed
And still bring forth life

Such it is that such an act
Can bring about life
Whether by the means of love
Or by the means of evil

Thereby proving the source of Life
Comes not from Man
And not from Woman

For it was not I that gave power to my seed
And it was not she who gave form to her earth
Yet by decree does this miracle grow in all life
Since the beginning has it been so
By proof of our existence now

Of all things we call sacred and divine on earth
I know of not one as old as the beginning
Save the coming together of two

How can it be anything less
Than sacred?
Dedicated to us, entrusted to us, blessed to us
In dedication also to the Source who still manifests life

How can it be anything less
Than Divine?
Proceeded from Life, of the definition of life
In the process of life’s cycle itself

For in one act of love
Can henceforth generations sprout
Until they can no longer be counted

Thereby in me I find no Human partition
To be of greater import
Than that of our blissful union

In the wonderment of my journey
Have I not found a more ancient edict
Than that I should be as one with you

In the awe of my experiences
Have I not found a more joyous awakening
Than the journey of our essence while joined

In the answers to my questions
Have I not found a more precise knowing
Than the pleasantness of our love

In the sorrows of my life
Have I not found even one torment
While expressing our desires together

How shall I say that I am a physical man
If I cannot share the truth of my Body

How shall I say that I am an intelligent being
If I associate shame with our most sacred blessing?

How shall I say that I am an emotional giant
If I cannot open the pit of my heart?

How shall I say that I am an honest man
If I cannot be honest about Intimacy?

How shall I say that I am a powerful man
If I cannot relinquish all fear to the experience together?

And how shall I say that I am a Spiritual man
If I have not made Sacred and Divine
The very Genesis of our existence?

By the mercy of all great mysteries
Did itself make known to me
That my conscious self will lie to itself
If I ignore my passions
And my emotional heart will deceive itself
If I hide my desires in darkness
And my physical self will betray itself
If I shame the act of love-making

And this to its end beyond a doubt
That my spiritual self will destroy itself
If we not walk together,
Choose together,
Desire together,
Trust together
And protect together our sacred and divine bond.

None would fall to folly
If all would in truth live

As I cannot speak to the greatness of a simple leaf
If I have not first made humble my truth
Of the very basic desire in us

And I cannot speak to the greatness of the Universe
If I have not first made study
Of our precious Whole being

Because it was Life itself and the originator of Life
That did so expose us to each other in Intimate joy
For the beauty of knowing Life
And the pleasure of feeling Life
And the joy of embracing Life

And the revelation of truth so profound
It has the power to create another life.

Our bodies are our Sacred Tabernacle on Earth
And our heart is our Sacred Will on Earth
And our mind is our Sacred Book on Earth
And our Soul is our Sacred Bond between worlds
And our Spirit is our Sacred Life

My lover is of Divine works
That together with me in love
We may witness the unimaginable reality

We are given to one another FIRST for this purpose
Where then all other purposes do sprout and grow

Just as it was in the beginning
So to now are we here only because of it.

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
“We” Painting/Image ©2012 Ryan Ranney
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