All the world advances
As we revere the art of science
As we revere the science of art
As we revere the seeking of knowledge
As we revere the wisdom of seeking.

It is not that mankind has forgotten
To learn to grow to find to explore
And it is not that mankind has grown stagnant
In discovery or innovation or creation
It is not that mankind has not reached out.

But where is our growth
In matters of intimate love?

Where there once was a renaissance of love
In our near past
We now have a deficit of love
In our current world

And where has our evolution made itself known
In a world that no longer believes
In love?

We call the seekers of love
And the advocates of love
The leaders of fools
And the champions of love
Do we turn our ear from
And the desire of love
We call folly!

Indeed we have not grown
But have embraced decrepitude
Remembering nothing
Of the garden given to us to tend

How is it we have forgotten
That Family and Intimate Love
Is the Cornerstone of EVERY civilization?

How have we forgotten?

Do you believe your family will stand without the love of those who grew it?
Do you believe your town will stand without a family?
Do you believe your city will stand without a community?
Do you believe your country will stand without reverence for life?
Do you believe mankind will stand
Without the joy of intimate love?

Look to all our progress
Yet where is our progress in love?

Look to all our irreverence for life
For our neighbor
For our community
For our leaders
For the opposite sex
For the same sex
For the sacredness of sex itself.

As I stand staring into the hours of my past
Do I see the great loss of love
In every walk of life
As the VERY reason for our resultant irreverence

Tell me
What man is at war while in bed with his lover?
What woman is competing when her lover embraces her?
What human is devising the fall of their neighbor
While in the throws of passion?

Tell me
Is there a law saying you cannot create a new idea?
Is there a law saying you cannot create a new program?
Is there a law saying you cannot create a new object?
Yet there are laws of man telling you how you may love
Who you may love, what you may love

All that grows on earth does so because of love
Yet man seeks to impress his controlling will upon you
That you would obey the abhorrent law of fear

We have listened to the fool of fools
Keeping generation after generation
In the dark ages of love
De-evolving, suppressing, ostracizing
While courts fight over your right to love.

I will proclaim my own rights in matters of who shares my Bed.
For my mandate and my instruction
Was given to me by a greater court than the courts of earth

I will not love whom another believes I should
I will not love in the manner another believes I should
I will not restrict my love as another believes I should
I will not adopt the principles of ignorance and shame
I will not hide or fear or dismiss my desires

In a world that is stagnant and irreverent

I will express Honesty, Truth, Openness, Acceptance, and Reverence.
I will embrace the intimate life of my lover
As I embrace my own.

I am an intimate being
Designed by an intimate Being
Given life by an Intimate Act
All in the name of what is meant to be LOVE

I do not wish for my Family to fall to ruin
I do not wish for my town to become abandoned
I do not wish for my city to crumble to dust
I do not wish for my Country to forget itself
I do not wish for mankind to tremble forever in war.

We will evolve as we have been instructed
For it IS that our bed is blessed
In all we choose together.

I will revere intimate love
Above all other progress of man

With awe I see the discovery of man who seeks to progress
So then with awe will we still seek
A forgotten idea of love
A forgotten passage of love
A forgotten gift of love
A forgotten reason for love
A forgotten meaning to love
A forgotten form of love
A forgotten discovery within the gates of our oldest gift
As we then progress into a new realm.

Since the beginning have we reached for one another
Truly then were we made to grow
In reverence
As in all other things

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
“US” Painting/Image ©2012 Ryan Ranney,Colleen Ranney
All Rights Reserved