I could not say if it was a dream or a vision
Though clear and potent

The ground was as old royal stone
Interlocked long ago
Making a pathway

There before me it stretched forward
Then as I looked ahead
I saw the great lake
Surrounded by mountains of golden stone
Three great ridges touched the sky

In the very center of the lake
Stood three silver thrones
Though occupied they were
I could not see anything beyond
The blinding light
Of they who sat upon them

That old cobbled path reached out into the lake
Stopping short before the thrones
By 50 meters
Surrounded by the lapping waters
Of that great lake

It was there where I saw him
The Forgotten Son
Sitting at the edge of the path
Looking out onto the waters
Turned slightly to the left
Unaware of the Thrones

And I could see as he threw stones from the edge
Far and deep into the lake
He made ripples that extended to all parts
Reaching everywhere
Causing waves with some stones
Even to the feet of the thrones
Did his actions reach

Then my eyes were opened
To the meaning of the ripples
And I could see
That in a lie his ripple did wound tens
And in an error his actions did wound hundreds
And in a betrayal his choice did destroy
An entire family race

And in his life did he throw many stones
Unaware of the waves of his will

From every ripple there were voices
And many of the former dead did rise up
And they spoke against this one
Of the injustice of their lives
Because of his ripples

So many voices spoke at once
All with their books
Filled with grievances

I heard one, two, and three
“See how my life was ended short”
“See how my family did not know me”
“See how this man kept me in darkness”
And they tore at their clothes as they spoke
And they ripped at their skin as they spoke
And they raised their hands and fists as they spoke

And I then knew
That the man could hear these voices also
Even as he threw more stones out into the water
Unaware of the reason they rose against him
Unaware it was from his ripples

And so I fell to my face
Knowing that this place is after our place now
As the lake displays the path
Of ones life
And the unknown effect
Of our days

Fear filled my heart at the hearing
Of so many voices
And at the knowing that there was none
Not even one
Who spoke in favor of the man

And I myself wished I could rise up
And speak on behalf of this man
But I could not
For I did not know him
Nor did I know of his life

And I could feel my heart breaking
As he himself began to see the meaning
To the ripples
And to every choice he ever made
And every lie he ever told
And everyone who held anger in their hearts
For their loss because of this man

As he could see
The time he gave not to the hungry
Who in turn being hungry did not again stand
Who in turn from falling did not have a child
Who in turn did not form a generation
That generation was meant to further his own

Or another time when he spoke a falsehood against his neighbor
And his neighbor did loose his courage
There in turn did his neighbor not increase his talents
Or aid his own children in their time of need
Because others had lost faith and favor
Due to the word of another man

I could only weep for the Forgotten Son
As no one presented their hearts
In favor of this man
Even unto the knowing himself
That none spoke also for him.

All in their righteousness did turn away
For their hearts were exposed
And their anger was proclaimed to the thrones

I knew not the reason I would be witness
Nothing was spoken to me as I did see with my eyes
And hear with my ears
All the earthly souls
Crying out for their justice

Yet to this day
Do I carry this heavy broken heart
For he who was
The Forgotten Son

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
“Alone for a Moment” Painting/Image ©2008 Ryan Ranney

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