Sent down
among the brotherhood
of the agile warrior

Placed down
among the brotherhood
of the soil

Cast down
among the brotherhood
of the scales

It does not ring within me
that such a thing as all those around
would be left unattended to the very end
without such knowledge
that you yourself would have ignored

Would it be that I would forget myself?
Would it be that I would war among myself?
Would it be that I would relinquish myself?

As they who stand in the pride
claim the land and sky
and the deep and the infinite
as their own

Would it be that I no longer know?

As the question itself purposes the failure
of those who would prescribe doom
So too does the question itself purpose victory
of he who asks

In your songs are you drunk
and your righteous measure is an abomination
so too are the steps of your feet unequal
slowly tearing apart your own will

Who then shall remain
but the alien among you?

It is that you have prosed riddle upon riddle
and prank upon prank
where your knowledge is a trap to your mind
and your wisdom is a curse to your soul
and your justice is a child who screams
that all should die for their desire

Why such fear and freight for the foreigner?
Why such hurried horror for the human?
Why such confused confinement for the couple?

What can you hide in the site of your works?
Can you not witness your own paradox?
Who then is the Uninvited Guest?

Let us put an end to the grapple

Here in your realm
or outside into another
still am I as I Am

For if I made a vessel
and then destroyed it
still it was I who made it
still it was I who gave it life

For if I made a force
and then destroyed it
did not the force have effect
in the making and the ending of it?

Was not for its time, alive
the time when it was given right
to live
until such time
as it no longer lived?

And would not such a time
ripple out into space
indeed there where it was placed
reach also into all that was made?

So shall I who lives
reach inside or out
when there is no here or there
once I am?

Then in witness to your works
make known to all
that it is you who are confined
to yourself and your single aim
though you are in the millions

Where as I am only One with Another.

Who then shall be the Foreigner?

Ryan o0o


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Copyright © 2005-2014 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
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