OK so when the Aliens arrive en-mass, what will you do?

No seriously, let’s say for a moment (take a leap of imagination) and ask yourself.

What will it change?
What do you expect?
Will it even matter to you at all?

Are you one of those who believe that the HUMAN way of life will be lost?
Are you one of those who believe that WAR is inevitable?
Are you one of those who believe we will be slaves and servants to our Alien masters?
Are you one of those who is scared at the thought?
Are you one of those who is excited about the thought?

Perhaps you are one of those who think that an Alien arrival will bring about world peace and an end to poverty and hunger?

Some people believe WE are the aliens on earth… having not originated from here.
Some people believe we have originated from … apes.

Some people believe we are the ONLY SENTIENT life in a universe so large and so alive that we cannot even calculate its boundaries.

Some people believe there is a whole other civilization already on earth that we can’t see because they live in an alternate dimension.

Some people believe that Aliens are actually humans from the future who have come back because they can no longer reproduce.

Some people believe that RH Negative humans are descendants of Gods, or ancient aliens, or nephilum, or vampyres, or etc etc… while RH positives are the offspring of earth monkeys. (BTW – both my wife and I are Negs-woohoo)

Some people believe we are living in a huge holographic generator and our bodies are simply meat suits.

Some people believe that a savior will arrive and an actual staircase (yes a staircase) will appear in the sky so he can descend back via the same technology found in simple shopping malls.

Some people believe there is only one God (though no other gods should be worshipped?) and that everything is that God including YOU.

Some people believe that ANYTHING they cannot conceive of must not actually exist. So basically if they are a lesser intellect than you, they simply won’t believe anything you have to say about Anything.

SOOO… it sounds to me that we humans don’t really know much of anything for sure. But it does appear that our childhood ability for “Make Believe” is alive and well in all adult humans also to this very day.

Just like the beginning of my post, I asked that you just imagine a truth, and you can do so easily without actually losing your previous opinion.

And if you really really think about it, isn’t that what we humans do ALL the time?

We dream, we daydream, we imagine, we construct, we derive, we propose, we instill faith, we discuss, we try to discredit the ideas of others, we fantasize, we speculate, we take a “Head-Trip” add infinitum. In fact nothing actually happens UNTIL we do such things. And if someone imagines that our ideas are stupid… they say we are delusional. MORE dreaming of dreaming other dreams (salted with extravagant constructs)

Oh and all the BORING MEETINGS just to organize OUR dreams!!!!!

We have entire groups of people simply devoted to “Understanding the Human Mind”

What is there to understand?

We dream EVERYTHING into existence. Do we not?

We think, “wow this place would be better if we could SEE at night”. So someone dreams of a way to do that. Then they do it. Now others can imagine more things into the WEE hours of the night thanks to the torch, the fireplace, the candle, the gas fed lamp and the light bulb. Someone is always dreaming of their version of a better way. Some of those people have convinced us all they were right.

OH and SOME people believe that no one else actually exists AT ALL,  and that they are the only person on earth having their very own life-long dream.

Some people won’t understand anything shared here in this post, while other people will be able to comprehend how ALL of these contradicting ideas can actually be true simultainously. (May whatever God you serve have mercy on your minds)

Some people believe that God is the only one actually dreaming, and each individual person is just a portion of God’s mind (constructed as a human life) living out their portion of that dream. One would have to conclude (given our history and how we treat people) that God (in this idea) actually hates himself if this were so.

SO back to this Alien thing…
Ya know, none of the 1.7 million other species on earth ever RUINED the human way of life. We ruin it ourselves and then build it up again and then ruin it again, and sometimes nature does a few things too.

How do you snuff out a dream? I mean COME ON,  some people actually believe that their OPINION is the ONLY one that matters on the WHOLE face of the EARTH. And they will hold that dream until the day they die.
Powerful stuff this dream business.

Thank you for dreaming about Aliens for a moment.
We probably have no idea what we just did. EH?
Well, maybe a small idea.

“And it was good.”

Ryan o0o


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