How do you say thank you
To the beauty of the soul?

When I can recall moments across the waters
Wondering why

How can it be
That every song now makes sense?
When the clouds encircle the sky
Crowning the land
Sharing the light of the day and night
In majesty

What makes it so
That angels stand all around the lands?
Like quiet guardians
Thirty feet tall
Spears in hand
Unmoving until called upon

When before my eyes is that great divide
Of raging torment rivers flow
Exposing the red desert
Coupling army to army
Of hateful souls
Throwing rocks of spit

Up in the sky
Torn apart into another sky
Lights of the Almighty scour the land
Illuminating souls
They stare

Behold it is only they who come to me
That in their eyes is as those in the desert
Where satisfaction is an unknown reality
Filth is the law
Undying torment is the pillar
Of endless war within
As they smile

Lo my education has not been in the words of men
Nor has wisdom found my lips by the thoughts of men
Nor have I known love by the way of man
Or justice by the reason of man
Rather has it all been a distraction
From what is right before the eyes
Of lies

What is not known that is there for all to see
Has brought the splintered reality
To what I cannot even speak or share or be known
For it is not within my mind to comprehend
Or within my bones to withstand
Or within my scope to reveal
Yet there it is

What can be said
Is that I no longer dwell upon the earth
As it was known
For all have been the instruments of my lesson
Of what they did not want to be known
Or knew of even to themselves
Of their deeds and actions and words
Directed by another force

I cannot even see as I once did
Or breath as I once ran
Or feel what I once knew

As it speaks from my heart
That the figure in the white suit
Glares into the places he should not be
Hiding in the beard of righteousness
Recording every broken thing
To mock the great heavens
In the name of what men love!

Did you feel this heart as it died upon the bed
Of bloodied rebellion?
Where was the master of the gates of darkness
At the hour of my loss and forfeit?
Who stayed my days into this night
That I would awake upon an earth no more
And live among the land of men no more?

Kindness is strength
Strength is childish
Forgiveness is intelligence
Intelligence is futility
Peace is wisdom
Wisdom is a joke of cosmic proportions

The law of the first book
Is only the first step

Who shall endure your judgment
When there is no other?
Who shall be defeated by your wrath
When you share the same will?
Who shall rise above another
In the darkness of their ignorance?

He who calls me fool
Has praised me
As he who calls me wise
Has cursed

How do you say thank you
To the beauty of the soul?

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Ranney & Colleen Ranney – Ranney Studios
“Dam” Painting/Image ©2014 Ranney Studios – Colleen Ranney

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