In a moment when my shadow and myself draw together
I find myself in meditation
Only to suddenly awaken
To a mysterious place
I know and don’t know.

There in my bed still
And also there I begin to chart my vision.

There is sand everywhere
It is hot, even the wind is hot.
I hear a man crying out “Bala-ee , Bala-ee”.

Rising my eyes from my feet
There is a shocking sight,

Like enormous skyscrapers before me
There stand two Pyramids
Exactly like those found in Egypt
Yet there are only two.

People are walking around all over the place.
No one takes notice of me.
Still the man cries out “Bala-ee Bala-ee”.

These pyramids are different
They are adorned with something I have never seen before.
On the very top each has a sound rod
Stretching high into the sky.
They are round
And though the pyramids are as tall as a skyscraper
The rods are 1.333 times taller than the pyramids.

The rods are like steel or dark steel
But very top of them is bright white
Like landing lights at airports.

Suddenly I can see something come into view
Between the two pyramids.
It is as though a portal opens up
Rising all the way up to the tip of the rods
And down to the sandy earth below.

Like a wall of soapy water making a bubble
I can see through the portal
To a city on the other side.
It is a white city built on a hill
With walls like old Irish cottages
But architecture like ancient South America.

I try to speak and say “Hello”
And my word flows out of my mouth
Like dark smoke
And swirl into a horizontal tornado
Swiftly flying into the portal.

Then I am taken to look up
And there in the clouds is an object.
It is huge and mostly hidden by the clouds
It begins to make sound
It plays 5 notes
With an additional arpeggio run also
Then 5 more notes

Then from the ground an answering call belts out
Of one long note… shaking the sand
Then another long note accompanies
The repeating 5 notes from above.

I see Men who are all dressed the same make a formation
And begin to march together towards the portal
They are 4 across, side by side
The outside rows are holding long horns
They begin to blow an 8 note run
Then a 7 note run
Then a 6 note ascending run
Then other “Trumpeters” answer back
With a 6 note descending scale

This repeats as the sound from above continues its arpeggio
And the sound below continues it long resounding deep note.

ALL the hairs on my skin are quickly stand upright
When I hear how clearly each portion of the 3 Sources
Are making a tune together.
Now my skin is crawling with energy…
It is the very same tune I dreamed about years ago
And immediately recorded once I awoke.

The tones are different
The “instrumentation” is different
But it is the very same tune,
The first song on my first album…

And I shake in bed
Hearing my own dream music
Being played in some ancient place
With a doorway to a far off place
As I stand before these two pyramids

Then like a door shut… I was wholly back
In just one place, laying in bed.

My wife tells me to write about it
So I don’t forget.

So I play the song in my headphones as I write.

Ryan o0o


Copyright © 2013
Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved