What secrets have I let loose
Before the veil of the keys?
Was it not a thousand lifetimes ago?

I can feel it as if it were now
That soul long ago
Staring into the future known

Wondering of what would be found
If that little truth be hid
If that little lie be revealed
If that little image find its way
Into the minds of others?

The shore was not far enough
To keep safe the one put away
He awakens just as he was

The passing trees did not relent
Nor cover the mystery of time
He sees them just the same

How that another would dare to take my hand
Without such earnest trust
As each generation passes just as before

Even unto the very origin of unsustained clarity
All the way back to that very moment
Of conception of doubt
Did my inner self know this day would come
As that pain known then
Has never left even this very day

It has been my very own eyes
That bore witness to the legend of the path
Long before the first step was taken
And how was it that it could not be called truth
Or faith or trust
Seeing beforehand the very end?

Some do ask
If we manifest our own destiny?
And some do say
That we create our own reality
And others do profess
That none other than God does decide

Even now are they alive
Who dire and dream to foresee
Knowing not the burden of life
When life and death are revealed

How many do cry at the wrongs of their life?

Did you feel the hand
That guided you to see
Where every ounce of dread
Would find its way into your daily life?

Did you close your eyes
Only to then see with greater clarity
The river of man
Flowing all the way down to the ocean?

You will not find pride in the man
Of his seeing
Who sees
As his stare is that of a soldier
Looking beyond the rock
The tree
The forest
The clouds…

Waiting is the life of those with foresight
Ignorance is the prayer of their heart
Blindness is the mercy of their thoughts

Because in the great revealing spirit of all to be
Does also the great blur of all that was
Long ago
Become apparent

Such a command of theirs to overcome
As every enemy of man shakes their gates
Presenting itself to they who carry the water of time

Faith be the reward
Though death and dread and disgust
Fills the valley of their feet
In vanity

When in truth is nothing known
But that no matter the choice made
The result will always be crafted by another
And no matter the power one does wield
Shall it find its way into another’s hand
And what curse one does sing
So is the choir louder
And what gift one does give
So is the source from another

For nothing evolves into a greater thing
Before there is a greater thing
And nothing can be made
By something less evolved
Surely this must be reason?
Yet who is to speak of it?

It matters not the proclamations of the imagined persona
Nor the desires of the heart of the willful
Still there does lay the valley of everything unclean
Before the mountain of the truth is climbed

It is inescapable
And better to be left unknown beforehand

Ask anyone who has overcome
In the overcoming of anything
And you shall hear the same story in them all

I could not imagine such sorrow greater
Than He who stood as a man
Knowing with finite reality
The truth of his origins
Nor would that man know a lesser isolation
Than anyone

It is that even in my own life
And with just one thing foreseen
Did all other things assemble and disassemble thereafter
Even in the sanity of the mind

For one cannot see the result
Designed before hand
Without then knowing every step to get there

We walk through every horror of our heart
And suffer every indignity of the task
And trudge the mud of the lash from another’s crime

Though it truly is mercy
That the Great One persists in our life
So that we would reach the end

And this is just the next step
Known to me as a child
The truth hidden
The lie revealed
The image created to support the secret

With even more mercy
Is there now with me the comforter
As the portion alone is over
And the task ahead required of her

What I saw long ago
Even such a small thing in the Grande scheme
Is everything if not humbled

Without such my very life
does wither and die

Like the stone uncast
To the unwritten future
Of the formerly condemned

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Ranney & Colleen Ranney – Ranney Studios
“Raymond and Ryan Then” Painting/Image ©1975-2014 Ranney Studios

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