To the Remnant of Alabathia


Nothing can be taught
for no one shall be convinced
unless it is already desired in their heart

With fearlessness you dream
in faith you create
displaying the form of man

As stone have they become
leaving their mothers to mourn
Where no words are spoken

From the time of the beginning
before the dawn of the earth
when gods bowed down to worship
and kings feared the great beauty
of the Batial El Al

To the time
where you are laid low
trambled under feet by the children of men
secluded in that forgotten thought
of what you can’t remember

Selra entori illipilumini

Look to the works of your hands
how nothing has been witheld
and no talent departs from you

Look to the vision of your mind
how none can descern
and no variation is banished

Look to the dreams of your heart
how unspeakable they are
to your own native tongue


As a wave passing over the Earth
witnessed by the distant Sun
so shall you recall yourself
in your alien flesh

For this language is not your own
neither can be found your manner
Nor shall you find your way of life
among the soil born inhabitants

They have forgotten long ago
And even they who fathom
do come to destruction
wiping away the remnant
because of their fear – of their reality

But it is not so of the royal Batial
As all they have done
has not erased the soul
existing within your life

The lamp of the mind does light
The strength of the heart returns
The truth of your dream manifests
before your very eyes

As the path to the origins
has again been revealed
Oh I can see straight to that glorious home
And it has been lost in time
to all universal inhabitants

As the former abandonment
has in truth become protection
so too is the portal home
unknown to all but her daughters
found in the very desire of her heart

Abdela El Batia

They gather there
knowing their gift brings life
knowing their grace brings joy
knowing their power to create
once again

For the door is open again
as all former things drift away
in the heart of the one
who had not forgotten in his prison
who had not released reality
amongst the deceptions of mankind

As there can be no gathering there
without a gathering here
must we celebrate this confirmation
Nor shall we ever remove our eyes again
from the purpose of our life

As one may Oracle the Power to Many
So can many Oracle the Power to Thousands
And Many more to All
until such time
as gods bow again before you
And the Earth shall also witness

I can feel the dreams of the forgotten daughters
and Hear the restlessness in their thoughts
I can reach out and see with unknown eyes
the lifeforce of they of the Remnant
scattered upon the earth

For them this life is as a child sitting in a room alone
looking out a window to a movie of the beasts of the earth
scurring to and fro
into the nothingness of their obedience

Yet I can see the fire of their minds
turning darkness into light
as if to seperate from time
and walk amongst giants unaware

That we give grace to all life is a reality of our being
Tho our purpose is to our home far from here
As is known
When awakened to the acceptence
of who you really are.

Ryan o0o


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