That all would have a brother to keep their blood
While the saint found within women
could emerge
from the darkness she did encounter

It is not that time forgets our steps
that our eye can be turned away
that our dreams of the not wanted days
would disappear

It shall be the trembling of the land
that brings forth the rattled chain
into the ear of the non-believing slave
of her distant recall

Tho many shall go deeper into their darkness
from despair of their truth
While the hammer of the heart
does beat against the chest

Nations shall point their fingers
while the populous does gasp
of fright
and mourning

Of they we do not know
will be found the servants of light
The harp will not be unplucked
The pen will go dry

Listen to the sound of the winters wind
Hear the cry of the earth
She is fortelling her children
as the mighty bell is heard afar

From the belly of darkness
comes a forgotten tomb of the Ancients
signalling the lost colony amongst us
of they who bore humanity

We shall shelter our heads
from the new lights in the night sky
We shall look to her
that we yet do not know

The horseman rides
preparing the way
as a brother to that sister soul
found in the mind of altered realities

None shall forget
nor will they in dread uncount their ways
As the great mystery takes hold
upon the shores of dragon’s breath.

Ryan o0o

Copyright © 2016
+Ryan-Ranney – +Ranney-Studios

Image provided by Pixabay
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