A Star Dwellers Return

(Interpreted Symbology – Finding Earth Again)

Beautiful blue waters glow

The work of life revealed

Land below standing still

In this forgotten corner

Of the cosmos

Within her shores tempered rest

Call to my bones

Origins return of opening voices

Spoken unlike ever before

This realm forgets not

To things “as it is”

How can this be

Of low made upright

Walking man

While away there be few

Remembering her gardens?

It shall be as known is known

Throughout the heavens stare

Brought again into the hearts

That all bow

When awe takes the word

To things of “as it were”

There when distant travels prevailed

All kind of its kind

Poured out upon the earth

As trumpets pierce silence quiet

None could be found to command her

Just as delight found rest

When the lion roared

So too is it also to be

Opened waters of man

With heart unable unknown

To things “as it will be”

Oh to see with eyes of life

Even more so with everlasting life

Not one little thing

Finds uncherished love

In the wisdom of it all

This that man shall know

His quiet embrace accepted

That which was him

Before his eyes

It is his will alive

To things “as is always”

Hear the temple alight its fire

To this one equation

Always never not always

Lit at the end

Burned always until the beginning

It is the way of love

That no aggressor can defeat

What exists only because of it

As two reflect

So does life reflect in only

Ryan o0o

Copyright © 2013

Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios

All Rights Reserved