Imagine a world without death.
Imagine Our world without death.

What would change?
Think of the result
Comprehend the meaning
Discern the truth
Grasp the reality

The wisdom of our Forefathers
Would teach us
The example of their life
Would be our instruction.

Who would make war?
None can die, none can be lost
Even a fight would find its end.
How many times would you thrash in anger
Before you never need thrash again
Knowing only the ignorant rage on eternally?

Who would steal from another?
Everything else being limited in time
Would be put into perspective of its worth.
And all you have you can give away
And eventually it will come back to you.

Who would rule another?
The young in life would be like children
Cared for and loved
While the elders in wisdom
Giggled at the folly of youth.
Who would accept to be ruled… forever?

Who would speak a lie in a world with no death?
Our ages would avail unlimited wisdom
Our knowledge and logic would discover every untruth
In time all lies would be no more than a joke
And another thing to giggle at by the elders.

What anyone tried to destroy you could create again.
What anyone tried to take you can find again.
What anyone tried to do against another
Would avail nothing
While victims laughed at the ignorance
And perpetrators caused themselves to look foolish
In the eyes of every living eternal being.

What man would not wish to be a Father
And build a Family that numbers the stars?
He would know each successive son and daughter
Would always have eternal life and eternal opportunity.

What woman would not wish to be a Mother
And build a Family she could never loose?
She would know each successive son or daughter
Will never die, never be lost and share also
In this great truth.

Indeed what fear would exist at all in a world without death?
Only the fear of ignorance and stupidity could possibly reign.
And even those without ignorance
Would amass such powerful understanding
That they would not harm the ignorant.
It would be for them like watching a child at play is for us.

So then let us forgo ignorance
Because THIS must be said.

What if you started living today…
As though you were already eternal?

What if you KNEW in all of your heart and mind
That you cannot die?

This itself would be the knowledge of the ages
And the answer to every single human dilemma
Even while living in a world
That believes in death.

Would you begin to see
That our earthly graves
Are as the womb?
Where we leave this place of flesh
To enter into a new place unknown to flesh?
Just as an embryo leaves it place inside
To enter our place outside previously unknown to him?
Just as a child leaves First grade
To enter Second grade?

Would it make any difference to you in grasping this
If you knew that all the worlds greatest scientist
After decade upon decade of study
Cannot find the place in us that is our soul or spirit?
Just as an Embryo could not find its mother
While totally surrounded by her
We cannot finds Us while
Totally surrounded by our flesh.

Would it make you consider that our release from flesh
Is actually our birth out of another womb?

And before you seem to reach to far
Consider the words of Einstein when he said
“If an Idea is not absurd, then it has no hope”

I know of several Masters from our history past
Who all stood before people
Proclaiming Eternal Life As our RIGHT.
One is even spoken to have proved it
By rising from the grave.

And the stories of old
Are often mis-interpreted
As many proclaim that you have to believe
IN a particular person
Or a particular other PERSON.

This is the folly of the dead.

For what was said is not about the man
But about the message
(As He Himself often stated)

“IF you believe what I am saying
Than you are AS me
Knowing you are Eternal RIGHT NOW
And always were
And from here on out always will be”

Then, Knowing this…
“And who can truly kill you?”
“And WHY fear death (of the flesh)?”
“And give your cloak if it is taken by he who believes not.”
For he fears death and needs your coat
Because of the condition of that fear
Which is to believe he only lives a short time
And must take-care to live long.

Do the words make sense now?

Only those who do NOT know that they are eternal
Are those who ALREADY live in hell;
The hell of believing in a short life
And not knowing the truth of their soverienty.

Those who know the truth
Would not harm another living thing
Knowing they are Eternal.

So ask yourself
Do you truly believe in NOTHING after this earthly life?
Did you and your soul pop out of nowhere
And have no purpose to the universe in your short life?
Or do you deep down believe there is more?
Or do you deep down wonder why you want to believe in more?

If you can comprehend the purpose of a seed
That leaves its protected fleshly shell
When nourished in the ground
To then become a living plant
Growing fruits and flowers
Out into the sunlight world and now beautiful…
Then why cannot you fathom the leaving of your earthly shell?

What if a simple man
Such as myself
Not a great master
But a man
Said to you
“You are already Eternal” ?

Would you then understand the
Message of the mustard seed?

And even if it were all folly
Just image how beautiful your soul
Would be to YOU and everyone else
If you simply lived right now
As though you are Eternal?

I say
Let us live as though we are Eternal.
Let us treat each other as LIVING beings.
Let us help the suffering.
Let us feed the poor.
Let us clothe the naked.
Let us forgive those who believe they will die.

And Let us honor the dead of the World
Knowing they have been born
Into a new world of the living before them.

Even if it were all folly
How could this idea ever hurt you?

Indeed the only idea that ever hurt me
Was the obvious lie
That consuming the knowledge of death (evil)
Would give me life and make me eternal.

When in truth it was
The other idea
Of LIFE (from THAT tree) …
That gives me Life.
And this was not hidden knowledge
Even in the beginning.

Isn’t it obvious?

What have we got to lose
In believing in Life?

I am just imagining.

Ryan o0o


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