Like a spear thrown by the arms of Algetor
like a dagger revealed by the hidden hand
like the unforeseen pit amidst the sand
at the very moment of final revelation
so to is an awakening in the minds eye

Flying over the great lands of the earth
to and fro have we all gone
seeking wisdom and knowledge and power
desiring liberation and choice and potential
wanting truth and purpose and reason

But what shall we find with the very same will
that kept us with the unknowing?
Who will discard their own will in order to find it?

Indeed who in letting go can remain as they were
in order to understand what they have been given
since they no longer can know themselves as they once were
when they desired such things?

It should be known to all
that as any drug can show you an alternative
so too is the path of unrighteousness
and ultimate death
in its glory and glitter

Truly there are those who sing upon the wind
that the universe will bow to your will
if you simply wish it
and the heavens will praise your name
if you simply separate yourself from others in judgement
and the powers of darkness will heed your command
if you simply emote your heart
so too do some proclaim themselves to be the voice of the Creator
to give you earthly riches
to fool the eyes
and deafen the ears
by our own heeding of them!

It should be known to all
that the peace bestowed by truth
cannot be fathomed before it is given in fullness
that the revelation of the spirit
cannot be perceived until it is opened wholly
Even that the hearing of such things
is as of hearing nothing
unless it is first placed upon our hearts by another of greater intent

As it should also be known
that the opening of the gate of revelations
will wash away all that one once was
cleansing anything before in its charge
as a flood washes away all that man made
so too will all the man-made images be erased within

Likewise every path before
will close their doors
to the new path revealed
shaking ones very heart from all they once relied
to all they now must agree in its revelation
of what cannot be denied by them any longer

Imagine the voice of such a one
who has tasted true wisdom
and it is to them as none can hear them
any longer
for their very language has changed
using the same words as before
to speak in unknown meaning
before a people who think they understand
what was not even spoken at all.

Nothing will stop a soul in their tracks faster
than the revelation of any portion of actual wisdom

Nor will a man seek what he sought before
when it is given to him

For his spirit is no longer in one place
witnessing the world that is from the world that is not
and his heart is no longer anchored in fantasy
witnessing the intents of mankind and of the unknown
And his eyes will no longer marvel at glitter
where no price can buy denial of ignorance

Even the dead in life
can rise up from the power of it
as the living on earth
can fall down from the power of it

Such is the transformations
which can take a lifetime to make wide the doors
until such time as all are truly liberated
no ONE can know eternal rest and peace in truth alone
upon the earth
Like a soldier standing upon the battlefield
they are

Yet there is comfort in the arms of a mate
in the family
in the brotherhood
and in the Master of all things
Who strikes Awe upon the Life within
revealing the nature of Love
and its eternal presence to the whole of the universe
unseen before
unimaginable to anyone
save they who have withstood the tribulation
of the awakening
of actual knowledge and truthful wisdom
in all of its glorious humility

There is no parlor trick to Truth
only the reality
that has always been.

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2005-2014 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
Painting/Image “Ancient Alien” by Colleen Ranney

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