Excerpts from a Dream
During a dark time of my life.
See it as you wish, Interpret what you will
it’s haunts me ever still.

The Uninvited Guest

Haunted by the Ghosts of my own Past Lives.

I awoke to a dream of my futures past.
There before my eyes was the home of my rest
New to me yet known to me for years
The excitement of finally living there filled my bones.

I find myself facing my new home
In the woods
With the lake in the back
And the rock on the grass
Down the hill before the waters.

Dogs already run amok
Exploring their new grounds
Dividing border with sniffing nose
The wind is cool and comforting.

Suddenly I am indoors exploring the rooms
And there is my brother walking room to room
He is hanging Large Mirrors on every wall
Room to room he filled with ornate mirrors
Of every kind and every size.

Now to the back yard
I lean back upon the rock
And look to the waters and woods.
Not one wife but two are walking
Down by the waters edge
Hand in hand enjoying their new surroundings.

My thoughts comfort me as I watch them stroll
“This is my life,” my mind says to me.
The dogs run to the water and jump in
But one follows along with the wives.

Then I am transported back onto the house
My Brother still hanging Mirrors
He does so to tell me something
He does so to help us and protect me
He has always been a good brother.

I walk into the bathroom
Where one of the wives is showering
The bathroom is adorned with an antique typewriter
A bit odd in a bathroom, but fitting to our lifestyle
It rests on a beautiful wooden stand just under the window
To my left is the sink and mirror
To my right is the shower
In front of me is the typewriter below the window.

I go to the window
And peer out to the back yard
Leaning over the typewriter.

My wife opens the shower curtain
Surprised because she didn’t hear me enter
I tell her “I am admiring the yard outside”
She believes I am sneaking in to admire her.

Suddenly the old typewriter begins to type
All on it’s own
With one sheet of paper inside.

A ghost is Typing… no one is there!

It Types away as my wife shrieks out in shock.
Her expression burns inside of me.
I am too curious to run…
Damn me for my need to know…

I look down to the paper… as the message slowly appears:

“You can find me under the stairs”…

…. Signed “The Uninvited Guest”


Suddenly I awake… from my dream… lying in bed alone.

Haunted by my future,
Haunted by my past
Haunted by my own ghost of my own life long ago
Yet not lived until sometime in the future.

Ryan o0o


Copyright © 2013
Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved