How can mankind see the perception
Of their perception
Between the common two worlds?

With eyes that cannot see
We seek
And with ears that cannot hear
Do we set our attention
Moreso with knowledge we rely
Are we without knowledge

Yet there it is before us
Ever more
Within a step

Whereas within one of profit
And within one of loss
Is but a blink of an eye
To the open eye of the soul

As it is true
That I cannot deny what I already know
Without walking in the land of darkness
Which to the eye reveals no difference
To the land of light

As it is true
That from a time to a time
In little spaces
Do all men stand between
Facing east and west
North and south
Feeling the intense moment of humility
In their own stare
Before turning their way

As it is true
It is a blink of an eye
To choose thy daily portion

Upon the land
Where in darkness I find my home where it is
And in light do I also find my home where it is
And behold also do I find my wife and children
And flocks and cattle and coin and possessions
Upon the earth in both
It is instead that I find them not AS they were
Until I take another step
And find them as they were

Knowing always that they are always
Yet different
Do I then know it is I who have traveled
Between light and dark
Without knowing

Knowing also that they who stand before me
Without change in any way
May also step away
Into another world
Far from where we stood
Yet there still
For change has occurred without perception of change

Even so knowing of the perception
Forto does thy heart require account

That in the center of my mind
Is that door unperceivable
Like spiritual wind
Knowing only the effect
Of my now commanded reality
Shown only to me
Through spiritual change
Claimed also in the heart

Whereas never shall it reveal itself to the eye
Until such time as one commands the door
Rather than the vanity of commanding
The worlds

As in one place of powerlessness
Is there no power to command
So to in the other of ultimate power
Is there no need to command

That it is not either world is created
As they are from ancient times
But that it is we travel there
Creating ourselves

Nor is either place forbidden to man
For it is the shunning of either
Making requirement

So now that when our brother comes to us
And when the eye of our Spirit is open
Do we see from which place he stands
Knowing until such time
We master our door
Can we not direct them to theirs

Somuchso that they who in darkness
Do approach
In order that we would enter in
And they who in light
Do approach
Thereby do we flee

It must be that we ourselves make no requirement
Of this world or that
Lest our perception again fail
Taking also with it our brother

And it is that it must be spoken

I alone am the master of my gateway
That I may pass from here to there
Exploring what has always been long before me
Building nothing in one without the other
Though they are different in each
Because of the creation of myself

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
“Walk Slowly” Painting/Image ©2014 Colleen Ranney
All Rights Reserved